Trützschler Foundation honored Apprentices’ special commitment during the “Azubis zu Schulen” project


    Several apprentices in Mönchengladbach were recently honored for their outstanding commitment during the “Azubis zu Schulen” project – with special recognition from the Trützschler Foundation, its partner and Mayor of Mönchengladbach Felix Heinrichs, as well as Daniela Perner, Managing Director at the Lower Rhine Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein).

    Recognition of Apprentices 

    A total of 31 apprentices have received a personal award recognizing their commitment to promoting digital education and media skills among students at five elementary schools in Mönchengladbach during the past school year. Local companies including NEW AG, Gladbacher Bank AG, SMS group GmbH, AUNDE Group, and Vanderlande Industries GmbH & Co. employ the apprentices. KG, Stadtwerke Service Meerbusch Willich GmbH & Co. KG and Trützschler Group SE. In close cooperation with the teachers, they taught school students how to use tablet devices, search engines and work-related software correctly, while also providing insights into programming robotics..

    Apprentices’ Feedback

    Ares Bernhardt, an apprentice in the field of electrical/electronic engineering at the Trützschler Group SE, affirms the initiative’s great success for everyone involved. “Spending time with these kids was very exciting,” he says. “It was cool to teach other people for a change – and I was surprised by how eager the students were to learn. I highly recommend other trainees to take part in this project because it’s a fantastic opportunity for personal and professional growth.”

    Betül Düz, an office management trainee at NEW AG, shares this sentiment. “I felt supported by the teachers and the whole time. Overall, it was a great team effort between teachers, students and trainees – I really enjoyed it.”

    F.l.t.r.: Ralph Thannisch,Team Leader Ind.-Techn. Apprenticeship Trützschler Group SE; Florian Schürenkrämer, Member of the Shareholders’ Committee Trützschler Group SE; Rene Haas, Instructor Industrial Apprenticeship Trützschler Group SE; Philip Haberkamp, Apprentice Electronics Engineer Trützschler Group SE; Leon Baumgart, Apprentice Construction Mechanics Trützschler Group SE, Alexsandra Sander Hernandez, Apprentice Electronics Engineer Trützschler Group SE; Ares Bernhardt, Apprentice Electronics Engineer Trützschler Group SE; Richard Bischoff, former Apprentice Industrie Mechanics Trützschler Group SE; Marco Frommenkord, Second Chairman; Heinrich Trützschler, Shareholder and Supervisory Board Trützschler Group SE; Edda Schürenkrämer; Shareholder Trützschler Group SE; Caroline Lange, Chairwoman Trützschler Foundation; Dr. Michael Schürenkrämer, Shareholder and Supervisory Board Trützschler Group SE; Georgina Schrötgens, Board of the Trützschler Foundation; Mario Schwarz, Chairmand; Daniela Perner, Managing Director IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein. Photo: Andreas Baum.

    High praise from Mayor Felix Heinrichs

    The Mayor of Mönchengladbach, Felix Heinrichs, acknowledges the significant potential in the future of the “Azubis an Schulen” project and expresses his admiration for the unprecedented commitment of the companies and young people involved. “It’s simply great that a large number of companies and trainees in Mönchengladbach are willing to invest time and effort to share knowledge with elementary school children at eye level,” he says. “This social commitment demonstrates a strong spirit of unity. The project also shows that cooperation between companies in Mönchengladbach and the Lower Rhine Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein) is working perfectly. I’m delighted by this shared achievement.”

    Mayor Felix Heinrichs praised the project
    Mayor Felix Heinrichs praised the project. Photo: Andreas Baum.

    After successfully establishing the project at 70 schools in four German states over the past four years, the Trützschler Foundation and are aiming for even more success in Mönchengladbach next year. The partners will roll out the “Azubis an Schulen” project at another 5-10 elementary schools. Additionally, the two partners are actively pursuing an extracurricular learning concept in cooperation with the Junior University in Mönchengladbach. They express their great pleasure in successfully engaging numerous companies and trainees for this significant project in Mönchengladbach, and they affirm their ongoing, full support for this initiative. The Trützschler Foundation will continue to provide funding for ‘Azubis an Schulen’ for the next two years,” says Caroline Lange, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Trützschler Group SE.

    Caroline Lange, Chairwoman of the Trützschler Foundation,
    Caroline Lange, Chairwoman of the Trützschler Foundation, is looking forward to further collaboration with

    The success so far has helped strengthen’s commitment to launching this concept in other German locations next year – including Bremen, Dortmund, Hamburg, Münster and the Rhine-Ruhr region.

    Source: Trützschler



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