Tonello will present the Central Asian International Textile Machinery Exhibition CAITME 2022 in Tashkent Uzbekistan


Tonello will present the entire range and the latest innovations such as the Evolution 3 at Central Asian International Textile Machinery Exhibition – CAITME 2022 – in Tashkent Uzbekistan.

In the heart of Central Asia, in the magical city of Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, one of the world’s leading cotton producers, CAITME 2022, Uzbekistan’s leading trade fair dedicated to all technologies used in the textile industry, will be held on September 7-8-9.

Tonello will present, within the ICE – Agency / ACIMIT collective in Hall N. 4, booth N. F30, the full range of its products and the latest innovations such as the EVOLUTION 3 range.

Laundry (R)Evolution
An integrated technological system that unites the well-established All in One System  equipped with NoStone®, Core, UP, ECOfree 2 – with the other technologies that are the protagonists of our Laundry (R)Evolution:

  • The Laser, the most complete, intelligent and flexible Laser range, powered by Crea, the software created by designers for designers
  • Metro, the software for the analysis, control, and transparent evaluation of real process data

As a result of the Laundry (R)Evolution, a number of innovative processes were created, which immediately set new aesthetic and sustainability standards:

  • OBleach, the patented process that allows to obtain an incredible “bleach without the bleach”
  • O-Zone, the static cabinet that can be used to obtain unique and customizable discoloration effects
  • Wake, the first patented totally natural dyeing system that uses only plants and vegetable waste, such as flowers, berries, peels and roots, without hazardous chemicals.

Evolution 3, the new generation of Tonello’s signature washing and dyeing machines, is the amazing fruit of years of research, experimentation and continuous improvement.

All the innovations implemented in Evolution 3 washing machines further reduce water and energy consumption, increase productivity, and lower energy and maintenance costs.

In the Evolution 3, the tried-and-tested machine construction allows for maximum optimization of water use during each type of process, as well as huge energy savings provided by several improvements:

  • The new high-efficiency motors are built with materials that reduce losses and consumption and increase overall machine efficiency
  • The optimized transmission with new high-efficiency belts absorbs less energy and promotes greater durability and wear resistance than previous models; the machine is also more compact
  • We improved the entire transmission system to achieve greater energy savings than conventional systems
  • With the new inverters, we have perfected motor control, reducing vibration and stress
  • The topicalized electronic boards are more reliable and withstand better even when placed in the more “harsh” environments of the laundry and dyeing plant

Thanks to these improvements, Tonello’s Evolution 3 line of washing and dyeing machines enable ENERGY SAVINGS OF UP TO 20 PERCENT compared to previous models, reduce overall operating costs and contribute to greater competitiveness in an increasingly unpredictable market.

There is no washing machine on the market today that has better total-cost ownership than the Tonello washing machine.


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