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    Due to sustainable benefits offered, The ITMA 2023 textile machinery show held in Milan from June 8-14 was hugely successful for members of TMAS – the Swedish Textile Machinery Association – with significant new orders secured and a range of new initiatives announced.

    “Just a week before the opening of ITMA 2023, the European Parliament voted for the full adoption of the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles,” said TMAS secretary general Therese Premler-Andersson. “It was very clear in Milan that this is already galvanizing the textile industry into new collaborations and there was huge interest in the sustainable benefits offered by the latest automated concepts of our members.”


    Rick Stanford, VP of global business development at Baldwin was in full agreement.

    “It was the most enthusiastic show I’ve been involved in in a very long time,” he said. “You hear about the textile industry being down a bit, but that’s not what it felt like at ITMA this year. Everybody’s talking about sustainability and the Baldwin booth was just jammed with visitors throughout the show.”

    Imogo employed VR headsets to showcase the full capabilities of its technology in Milan.

    Baldwin’s TexCoat G4, a non-contact spray technology for textile finishing and remoistening not only reduces water, chemicals and energy consumption, but also provides the flexibility to adapt to a customer’s requirements in terms of single and double-sided finishing applications. TexCoat G4 can reduce water consumption by as much as 50% compared to traditional padding application processes.

    Among its many installations, Baldwin now has key reference systems in place for the TexCoat G4 at North Carolina State University and Graniteville Specialty Fabrics in the USA, as well as at Pincroft in the UK.

    “Since its introduction at ITMA 2015 in Milan, global textile finishers have embraced TexCoat and are reaping the benefits,” Stanford said. “They have been able to increase profitability, cut energy use and reduce their carbon footprint in addition to exercising precision control with our patented precision spray technology.”

    Plan Zero

    TMAS member imogo, in collaboration with Revozona from Switzerland and Pluvia from Turkey, announced the formation of a new cross-industry cluster of disruptive companies named Plan Zero at ITMA 2023.

    Together, the three companies will provide complete lines, with imogo’s  spray dyeing technology complemented by ozone gas pre-treatment and bleaching and highly efficient after-treatment to substantially contribute to the global net-zero targets set by the textile industry. sustainable

    Eton Systems overhead garment automation demonstrated at the show.

    “Companies adopting Plan Zero into their processes will experience an increase in profitability, productivity and competitiveness,” said imogo CEO Joacim Wellander. “At the same time, consistent, predictable production output is secured, meeting the highest global standards.”

    Imogo employed VR headsets to showcase the full capabilities of its Dye-Max technology in Milan.

    Multi-thread options

    Coloreel has meanwhile recently secured its 100th patent and taken its instant embroidery thread colouration system to the next level with a new multi-thread software option, opening up new options for designs with special effect threads such as frosted, metallic or neon colours.

    “This update expands our technology capabilities and opens up new possibilities for embroidery producers,” said Mattias Nordin, SVP of product management at Coloreel.

    Coloreel demonstrated its technology, which applies dye directly to the thread as it passes through the unit, resulting in precise and vibrant colors. The demonstration took place on integrated embroidery systems in partnership with Germany’s ZSK at the Milan show. Furthermore, the technology has been integrated into the software of Tajima Software Solutions.


    ACG Kinna and ACG Nowo have developed a complete process for robotic pillow filling which they demonstrated at ITMA 2023.

    Empowered with the capacity to fill and complete approximately 3,840 pillows during an eight-hour shift, the system’s demonstrations garnered considerable attention and appreciation, captivating a large and engaged audience. Spectators had the opportunity to observe the fluid handling of fibers, the filling process, the sewing operation, and the packing stages all seamlessly integrated and in full action.

    Automatex also showcased a sewing and assembly unit that fully produces consumer bags, configured to automate hemming, insert handles, cut, label, form bags, and create gussets. These tasks, which used to require manual labor, are now capable of producing approximately 540 units per hour.

    ACG’s stand at ITMA 2023.

    “Further automated concepts were demonstrated by Eltex of Sweden, Eton Systems and Svegea, and TMAS also held a vibrant reception at ITMA 2023 and was honored to have Swedish Ambassador Jan Björklund attend the event as special guest,” said Premler-Andersson in conclusion. “ITMA 2023 really was an upbeat and positive experience and our members now have much to build on from reacquaintances with customers and many new relationships established during the show.”

    “If you’re not at ITMA, you’re simply not in the game,” added Brian Hicks, CEO of Eltex of Sweden. “ITMA just keeps getting better and better.”

    Source: TMAS



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