Bluesign: For sustainable textiles, the gold standard is blue!


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    Bluesign offers the textile value chain a full-service solution, with a focus on sustainable chemistry. Founded with the mission to change outdated mentalities in the industry, Bluesign drives companies to take responsibility for the wider ecological impact of their activities. Its tools and solutions aim to meet ever-higher sustainability standards. Customers benefit from safer workplaces, greater environmental responsibility and consumer trust.

    Established in 2000, Bluesign is a true millennial. The new century brought a change in mindsets. Polluted waters, smoggy air and tainted soils were no longer quietly accepted. Instead, they were acknowledged as a global environmental burden resulting from human activities – demanding immediate action.

    Bluesign made its name as a certification specialist, then extending the concept from simple product documentation to develop the Bluesign System, covering the whole business approach for textile manufacturers and chemical suppliers.

    Pioneering sustainable manufacturing

    Input Stream Management, as part of the Bluesign System, guarantees the safe use of textiles and related products by removing hazardous chemicals before they enter the supply chain.

    Three levels of service packages suit the different needs of companies.

    ‘System Partnership’ is the highest level of cooperation, including all Bluesign services. Companies working with major fashion brands use the partnership to certify their processes and label their goods as Bluesign products.

    ‘Impact Services’ provides companies with sustainability-related data, as well as a basic assessment of their overall performance and a detailed analysis of their suppliers.

    ‘Data Service’ allows representatives of textile brands and manufacturers to access data from their individual supply chains – and provides a snapshot of end-product impact on the environment.

    Reduction of negative impact along the textile value chain.

    Trusted analysis, solutions and ratings

    The Bluesign System unites players along the entire textile value chain to reduce the negative impact on people and the environment. Customers such as textile and chemical companies benefit from comprehensive on-site risk analysis and support for continuous improvement. Especially appreciating customized guidelines for more sustainable production methods, they aim to save natural resources and ensure their effective management.
    Bluesign has devised a rating system for textile companies, to show their sustainable development performance. Companies sourcing textile products also take advantage of the Bluesign online portal, which gives reliable data to guide the selection of suppliers for sustainable and more consumer-friendly goods. This platform is extremely popular with representatives of big brands.
    Source: Swissmem


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