Saurer & DIW sign multi-million EUR collaboration pact


    On March 7, 2024, Saurer and Shanghai Digital Intelligence World Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd. (DIW) sealed a collaboration pact for over a 1.2-billion yuan top-tier textile machinery venture (153 million EUR).

    During the signing ceremony, Liu Yiming, the President ofDIW, elucidated that DIW has established four major intelligent industrial parks, focusing on Ne 32 and Ne 40 yarn production. DIW aims to create the most extensive single-variety production model in China and globally, utilizing digital technology to bolster traditional industries.

    Liu Yiming stated, “We selected Saurer for its leading global status in intelligent spinning equipment and full process solutions. Saurer’s products boast efficient, stable, and reliable performance, offering  a precise management foundation for customer factories through digital technology applications. The extensive application scenarios, reliable equipment, open digital system support, and shared vision for modernizing the traditional cotton textile industry foster deeper collaboration between DIW and Saurer.
    Looking ahead, we aspire to leverage this collaboration to merge resources, delve into digital technology integration with textile machinery, drive industry innovation, and elevate China’s textile sector, aiding in modern industrial system development.”

    Pan Xueping, Chairman of Saurer and Jinsheng, commended DIW as an industry trendsetter, revolutionising the sector with a comprehensive  finance, technology, and industry approach. Saurer and DIW have a solid partnership, pioneering spinning operations and enhancing product control, digitization, efficiency, and profitability.

    Source: Saurer



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