Tiraz by PNCA, an exhibition showcasing textile & fibre artistry


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    The Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) inaugurated a mesmerizing new exhibition titled ‘Tiraz’ on Thursday, featuring the masterful creations of 30 textile and fibre artists from diverse corners of Pakistan. The event witnessed the esteemed presence of Gabrielle Guimond, the Cultural Attaché of the US Embassy in Islamabad, who inaugurated the exhibition alongside M. Ayoub Jamali, director general of PNCA, and the participating artists.

    Tiraz by PNCA
    Exhibition inauguration, Tiraz

    Tiraz: Celebrating Pakistani Textile Art

    ‘Tiraz’ is a celebration of the rich tapestry of Pakistan’s textile art scene, offering a dynamic exploration of techniques, styles, and themes that span generations and traditions. The exhibition encompasses an array of textile methods, including weaving, knitting, embroidery, mixed media, and textile sculptures. Each work of art offers a unique visual language and tactile experience, weaving a connection between texture, colour, form, and concept.

    tiraz tiraz

    Honorable Inauguration Guests and Artists’ Presence

    Curated by the talented team of Hassan Babar, Maham Imran, Rabia Shaukat, and Mariam Ahmed, the exhibition is a journey into the heart of textile creativity. Guimond was guided through the exhibition, where she engaged with the artists, fostering a deep appreciation for Pakistani artistry.

    Narrating Stories Through Textile Art

    With inspiration drawn from nature, culture, identity, and social issues, the artists skilfully wield textiles and fibres to convey stories, emotions, and ideas. The pieces on display narrate personal experiences, cultural heritage, and contemporary commentary. Traditional motifs blend harmoniously with modern designs, creating a visual feast that captures the depth and diversity of textile fibre art.

    tiraz tiraz

    Wide-ranging Impact of ‘Tiraz’ Exhibition

    The event received an overwhelming response, attracting a diverse audience including artists, students, VIPs, government officials, and members of the press. The exhibition’s impact extended to students who seized the opportunity to interact with the artists, gaining insights into their techniques and artistic practices.

    PNCA’s Commitment to Artistic Promotion

    PNCA’s dedication to elevating and promoting Pakistani art on a local and national scale shines through ‘Tiraz’. The exhibition, running until September 7, 2023, is a testament to PNCA’s commitment to cultivating a robust arts industry. With a series of visually captivating exhibitions, the council continues to foster community engagement and encourage the exchange of artistic ideas.

    Source: PNCA



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