Durst Group Acquires Aleph SrL

    Durst Group strengthens its strategic focus on sustainable digital printing solutions with acquisition of Aleph SrL


    Durst Group, a prominent manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production solutions, has made a significant move in the industry by acquiring Aleph SrL. Aleph is recognized as a pioneer in sustainable digital solutions for textiles and interior and exterior decorations. This acquisition solidifies Durst Group’s position in water-based and sustainable printing technologies and establishes a strategic link to Como, Italy, a center renowned for textile design and high-quality applications.

    Durst Group Acquires Aleph

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    Aleph SrL: A Journey from Software House to Sustainable Printing Innovator

    Established in 2000 in Lurate Caccivio (Como), Aleph has undergone a remarkable transformation over the last two decades. From its origins as a software house and distributor of textile consumables, Aleph has evolved into an independent manufacturer of innovative machines for digital water-based printing.

    Wise Equity’s Investment and International Expansion

    In 2017, Wise Equity, through the Wisequity IV fund, made a strategic investment in Aleph. This investment, along with the participation of three historical entrepreneurs – Alessandro Manes, Roberto Manes, and Roberto Temperini – fueled Aleph’s internationalization journey. The goal was to position Aleph in special applications within the textile industry and adjacent sectors such as billboard printing. Currently, Aleph generates over 60% of its revenue from international markets, spanning more than 20 countries.

    Durst Group’s Enthusiasm for the Collaboration

    christoph-GamperChristoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of Durst Group, expressed excitement about the acquisition. In his statement, he mentioned, “We are delighted to welcome Aleph into the Durst family. Moreover, their expertise in sustainable, water-based applications, high-end textile software, and innovative water-based poster printing solutions resonate perfectly with our vision of pushing the boundaries of digital printing technology. As a result, this collaboration will enhance our market position, broaden our product portfolio, and add significant value for our global customers.

    Riding the Wave of Sustainable Printing Technologies

    In recent years, the market for digital printing technologies utilizing water-based ink applications has experienced rapid growth. This surge is driven by the increasing demand for environmentally friendly and customizable products. Meeting this market trend requires not only high-performance printing systems with eco-friendly ink systems but also comprehensive process knowledge and integrated software solutions. Both companies aim to optimize this merger, combining their strengths to cater to the growing demand for sustainable digital solutions.

    Aleph’s Vision for the Collaboration

    Alessandro ManesAlessandro Manes, CEO of Aleph SrL, shared his perspective on this collaboration, stating, “We see this collaboration with Durst Group as an exciting new chapter for Aleph. Furthermore, our shared passion for technological innovation, pursuit of excellence, and commitment to true sustainability define this collaboration. Consequently, together, we have the opportunity to make significant advancements in the digital textiles, exterior, and interior decoration sectors.”

    Wise Equity’s Perspective

    Valentina Franceschini, Senior Partner at Wise Equity, expressed pride in Aleph’s transformation, stating, “We are very proud to have accompanied Aleph during these years of transformation from a distributor to a machinery manufacturer. Today, Aleph stands among the leaders in sustainable innovation, achieving significant milestones in organization, product range, and technological development. We are confident that Durst represents the ideal partner to continue this growth journey.”

    Synergies in Sustainable Digital Solutions: The Strategic Acquisition

    The strategic acquisition aims to leverage synergies between the two companies by combining Durst Group’s global presence and extensive procurement network with Aleph’s expertise in sustainable digital solutions – both machines and software – for textiles and decoration. This synergistic approach aligns seamlessly with Durst Group’s strategy to diversify its portfolio and cater to the evolving needs of customers across various industries.

    Ensuring a Smooth Transition for Stakeholders

    Durst Group and Aleph both commit to ensuring a smooth transition for their customers, partners, and employees during the integration process.



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