Biancalani’s Insights of Egypt textile industry


    In this interview Biancalani agent in Egypt Mrs. Laila El Gammal shares with us her very optimistic view about the future of Egypt’s textile industry and exports, and points out that the country’s rich history of textile production is a major asset in the new era.

    Biancalani's Insights of Egypt textile industry

    The textile industry in Egypt today is an important economic factor and has developed impressively in recent years. Twelve percent of export earnings come from the textile industry. Egypt hosts the largest and most productive cotton and textile clusters on the African continent, and in January 2023, Egypt ranked #4 among the developing countries at the world’s biggest trade fair of textile industry, Heimtextil.

    The Egyptian industry is now on its way to becoming a major player in the global textile market. Driven by a focus on new markets, new products, and innovation, Egyptian textile companies are expanding their reach. From traditional cotton textiles to high-tech fabrics, Egyptian textile products are now in high demand around the world

    Interview with our esteemed Biancalani agent in Egypt Mrs. Laila El Gammal and President of Nobeltex:

    When was your agency founded and how long have you been working for Biancalani

    Nobeltex-GIES, a family-owned group of companies, was founded in 1990, with a legacy dating back to 1958 when my father founded GIES. We provide the Egyptian market with the best textile machinery, accessories, solutions and systems. Our experience spans over 60 years in the field of machinery for spinning, weaving, dyeing, embroidery, twisting, doubling, and rewinding, as well as humidification, ventilation, and waste removal systems. We also supply, install, and maintain fire protection systems.

    In our pursuit of sustainable success and benefits for the Egyptian textile industry by providing premium solutions, we partnered with Biancalani in 2006. This collaboration has been a success story for both companies.

    Biancalani's Insights of Egypt textile industry

    What do you remember of the very first times working together?

    What I first noticed of Biancalani was their passion for excellence, which is evident in the fine quality of their machines. I was also impressed by their careful attention to details and their steady commitment to customer service. It was crystal clear that Biancalani treats every project, big or small, with the same level of care and professionalism. No matter how insignificant a request may seem, they always go above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs.  

    How has your professional relationship been evolving? What has made it a strong one? 

    We have built our partnership with Biancalani on a shared commitment to excellence for 17 years. Through political and financial changes, pandemics, and lockdowns, we have faced many challenges together. But through it all, we have never wavered in our determination to overcome difficulties and provide our customers with the best possible products and services.

    Imagine an agent from another country is considering a collaboration with Biancalani: what Biancalani’s strengths would you emphasize?

    Certainly, it is the high Quality and excellent performance that strongly competes in the market. One of the greatest privileges of Biancalani’s machines is the flexibility to make it perform as “a stand-alone” or in integrated line to perfectly and efficiently accommodate customers’ need. Maintenance has become easier because Biancalani’s machines do not wear out spare parts easily, reducing the need for frequent replacements, all thanks to the top-notch 100% European quality and technology used in manufacturing these machines. You can now perform maintenance in a few simple steps without requiring professional assistance.

    Can you recall a particular, maybe funny episode that has happened to you as an agent and that is worth telling?

    I don’t recall a funny incident, but I’d like to say that the collaboration between our two companies has always been a delight, thanks to the professionalism, kindness, and lightheartedness of Mr. Michele Gabarra when we first started, and also when Mr. Rudy Muntasser joined aboard. I still remember how proud and flattered I was when Biancalani approached me to be their agent in Egypt, and how welcoming and friendly the Biancalani team has been ever since.

    What is the best part of your job and what is less interesting but hey, it’s part of it anyways?

    As the daughter of a gentleman who was heart and soul involved in the revival of the Egyptian textile industry, I feel that I’m the extension of his dreams of excellence. That’s why I feel that the best part of my job is when I am praised for a deal done well that benefits all parties. It’s also incredibly rewarding to know that the service I provided has made a big difference for my customers, for the quality of the products they produce, and for their businesses as a whole.

    My least favorite part of the job is when I have to deal with shady characters who wrongly think that I am easily manipulated since I am a woman alone in the men’s world. Immediately, they learn their lesson when they realize what kind of rival I am.

    Looking to the future, what is the product by Biancalani you perceive as the most important?

    Definitely the environmentally friendly AQUARIA®. I expect that it makes a bang in the future with the raising awareness to preserve water and power. 

    Source: Biancalani



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