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    Indonesia textile market has finally experienced a significant economic upturn and rising purchasing power for the first time since 2020, which was not a foregone conclusion. Indonesia is among the top 10 textile-producing countries in the world and definitely able to supply strong international demand. The strong support from Indonesian government – aiming at propelling Indonesia into the world’s top five textile producers by 2030 thanks to the so-called Industry 4.0 master plan – is definitely fundamental and absolutely encouraging.

    Indonesia textile market

    Biancalani agent in Indonesia talks about cooperation, government support and a strong partnership

    Mr. Yudi Sulasdi, Biancalani agent in Indonesia at Sigma Multi Prima, speaks precisely of cooperation and support. That is what the company got from Biancalani and what resulted in getting orders just few months after Sigma was founded. Actually, as Yudi recalls, Sigma has been founded because Biancalani has encouraged its founder to start his own business and since then the two companies benefit from a strong partnership based on cooperation and trust.

    First of all, Yudi says, two companies working close together must share the same mission, i.e. to enhance customers satisfaction globally by providing added value to textile finishing processes. In Indonesia, Biancalani Textile Machinery is perceived as a producer of top-quality textile machinery ensuring the softest hand and countless finishing effects, while boasting very good brand positioning and an already high number of installed units.

    On the other hand, Sigma takes care of giving constant and detailed updates to Biancalani, thus creating a virtuous communication circle essential to any professional partnership that really works. Plus, regular visits to clients and seminars on Biancalani textile machinery are definitely part of Sigma approach to business.

    Looking to the future, Sigma is enthusiastic of the new AQUARIA® machine, while AIRO®24 keeps on being a best seller in Indonesian textile market. Besides, Biancalani machinery totally meets the main points of the above-mentioned Industry 4.0 master plan by Indonesian government, i.e. high textile technology, rapid data analysis and sustainability – it should be emphasized that the plan includes a specific restructuring program for textile industry machines and equipment.

    Source: Biancalani



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