SGS awarded ARCH the SGS Green Mark for its Magnif-ECO® Recycled Fiber


    ARCH sought SGS Green Mark certification to verify that its innovative Magnif-ECO Recycled Fiber is created from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles and to demonstrate to consumers that its environmental claims can be trusted.

    Eric Wang, Global Deputy Technical Head, Softlines at SGS, said: “We applaud the advances ARCH has made in developing new and innovative fibers and processes that increase the use of recycled content and we are delighted to award Magnif-ECO the SGS Green Mark.

    “It is heartening to see our certification increasingly relied upon by manufacturers, brands and retailers to demonstrate the sustainability of their products and supply chains. Ultimately it enables a growing tide of environmentally conscious consumers to be better informed on the impacts of their purchases and to make greener choices.”

    Wholly created from post-consumer plastic water bottles, ARCH also melted the Magnif-ECO material with FiberDNA® tracer technology to enable suppliers to identify the genuine product at any point in the supply chain. Through onsite audits, document reviews and sample testing, SGS determined and verified the product’s recycled content in accordance with ISO 14021 and developed a bespoke testing scheme to verify the effectiveness of the FiberDNA tracer.

    Edgar Xie, Chief Executive Officer, Arch Textiles Manufacture Corp, said: “We are proud to have gained an SGS Green Mark for our innovative Magnif-ECO recycled fiber. This signifies another step towards establishing a global reputation as a socially responsible company at the cutting edge of sustainable textile innovation.”

    ARCH can now display the SGS Green Mark on its Magnif-ECO Recycled Fiber and in promotional materials and advertising; demonstrating to consumers that its environmental claims have been independently certified by SGS.

    Source: SGS



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