Set new standards in textile calendering


ANDRITZ provides the perfect textile calendering technology to suit your special needs and final product demands.

teXcal s-roll – the all-rounder in textile calendering

Almost any application can be finished with our teXcal s-roll textile calender. From traditional textiles, like home textiles or clothing, to technical textiles, such as air-bag fabrics, the teXcal s-roll calender applies one effect with best possible results. With a maximum line force of 400 N/mm, the teXcal s-roll benchmarks standards and opportunities for multiple use. Thanks to its multi-covering technology, various technical and traditional textile calendering effects can be achieved with a quick and easy sleeve change.

teXcal Raconip L – the expert in clothing and home textiles

Double your benefit in a single cycle. Two effects, like gloss and soft handle, especially suited for clothing and home textiles, can be achieved in one fabric passage. The teXcal Raconip L textile calender with its L-shaped roll arrangement and infinitely adjustable line forces in the top nip and rear nip provides not only this specific soft handle effect, but also a multitude of other effects, including smoothness and density.

teXcal trike – the revolution in technical textiles

This textile calender takes you a step ahead by maximizing flexibility with two independent nips. Due to its innovative three roll arrangement, the teXcal trike minimizes fabric losses at the seam passage and provides a substantial economic advantage for your production operations. Be it technical textiles like parachute fabrics, sailcloth, sportswear, or down-proof textiles, our teXcal trike textile calender meets every application demand perfectly.

Plug and Play

Thanks to the compact design, our textile calenders take up extremely little space, which means each textile calender can be shipped by container to the point of assembly without having to be dismantled beforehand. As our textile calenders are fully pre-assembled, wired and functionally tested, can be commissioned almost immediately (plug and play).

ANDRITZ also designs textile calenders and auxiliary systems for many other niche and special applications: embossing, laminating, crushing, or chaising. In addition to production textile calenders, we can produce laboratory and pilot calenders for your development work, too.


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