Saurer showcases automation innovations at ITMA Asia + CITME


Saurer invites customers to learn about its newest automation solutions, both within its machines and extending across entire textile mills. The company is meeting the growing demand for cost-effective automation both in spinning and twisting/cabling mills. The well-known Eattributes of the Saurer design philosophy – energy, economics and ergonomics – are enhanced with intelligent technologies, which address pressing issues related to labour and ergonomics. Saurer looks forward to welcoming visitors at booth F01 in hall 8.


ITMA Asia + CITME in pictures

Automation in the textile mill

The company provides intelligent and individual automation solutions for twisting and spinning mills that increase the efficiency of machine loading and package transportation, allowing for substantial time and cost savings along the entire textile value chain. Visitors can see new Saurer palletiser in action on the booth.

Staple fibre processing: From bale to yarn to package

Starting the spinning value chain from preparation, Saurer is showcasing the new Autocard featuring a larger carding area with 18% higher output and seamless can change ensures the production and quality of sliver during high-speed production. Being introduced for the first time at this year’s ITMA Asia + CITME, the semi-automatic rotor-spinning machine AutoBD (image) will set new standards with flexible automation options. Together with the air-spinning machine Autoairo, AutoBD is part of the new Saurer intelligent machine portfolio, along with the ring-spinning machine ZI 72XL,  Autoconer X6 winding machine and the Autocard. Innovative automation and smart features like intelligent speed maximisation, RIFD-based material flow and light concepts for operator guidance, support mill automation and increased efficiency and productivity.

With customers’ challenges in mind, Saurer has ensured that its machines are becoming increasingly flexible. Modular solutions are available in both ring- and open-end spinning: ZI 72XL offers two compact options – the Impact FX pro (image) for finer count will be presented on the booth, AutoBD offers flexible automation solutions, which can be retrofitted, and Autocoro has options especially for processing re-generated fibres. Visitors can also learn more about the new open prism technology that offers improved splice quality, handling and maintenance.

Components that boost product quality

On the staple fibre side, Saurer will show the new CS1S based high-performance spindle from the Texparts product line in combination with Spinnfinity zero underwinding. Accotex (image) will show a complete line of air-spinning portfolio as well as a new quality ring-spinning apron and cot (apron NO-79201 and cot J468).

The texturing units FTS525M from the Temco product line are highly flexible – the direction of the yarn twist can easily be changed, and no adjustment of the cooling plate is required for S/Z production. CoolFlow Texturing Discs from the Temco product line optimise the air stream and improve heat transfer, resulting in less swelling as well as a significant reduction in disc load, at process speeds of up to 1 000 m/min. In the Fibrevision (image) product line, Saurer will show an upgrade option for tension monitoring with the market-leading Fraytec FV1 and FV2 systems for broken filament monitoring for technical and industrial yarns.

Superior innovations for twisting and cabling

At the exhibition, Saurer will also show the two-for-one twisting machine CompactTwister (image), which offers high efficiency combined with excellent quality of the cross-wound delivery packages produced. The direct cabling machine CableCorder CC5, for tire cord and industrial yarns, features a new spindle gauge 400 with up to 200 spindles, making it a true space saver. Its Cord Regulator technology ensures equal lengths of the individual yarns and thus high cord quality.

Both these machines can be used in conjunction with tailored transport automation from Saurer Automation Solutions, which allows for substantial time and cost savings.

Sales and service offerings

The company offers of updates and upgrades, original parts and clever preventive services, while the Saurer Academy offers digital training. At the exhibition, visitors will also learn about the new features on the Secos – Saurer Customer Portal.

Digital – new Elements for Senses

With the new Elements for the Senses mill management system, Shop Floor and Recipe, customers can efficiently optimise production and quality.

Autolab laboratory systems

These laboratory systems offer customers the most modern, highly precise measuring devices with unique technologies and are easy to operate.

Saurer invites customers to explore these and other offerings at ITMA Asia – the team looks forward to discussing what the company’s innovations can do for visitors’ businesses.

Source: Saurer



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