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    PRISMA by Loepfe provides an array of efficiency boosting solutions by merging cutting-edge technology and ingenious software. This dynamic system is constantly evolving to meet market demands by continuously expanding its built-in intelligence. Users can take advantage of numerous benefits tailored specifically for spinners’ needs with regular software updates. These new functionalities contribute significantly towards enhancing yarn quality while reducing yarn waste and increasing winding machine, as well as production efficiency levels.

    Prisma by loepfe
    In action, Prisma by Loepfe

    PRISMA matrix clearing:

    •  Less: cuts, yarn waste, splice cycles and energy consumption.

    PRISMA by Loepfe is the perfect solution for spinners who want to reduce yarn waste and maximize raw material utilization. Loepfe’s matrix clearing is the foundation of easy and profitable production, putting the user at the center. Spinners can be sure that their production is optimized for maximum profitability since it has now been extended to the longest observation lengths on the market. Spinners can be sure that their production is optimized for maximum profitability.

    Loepfe’s unique matrix clearing

    PRISMA’s matrices are designed to be intuitive and highly customizable. With its touch screen and visual settings, users can quickly and accurately adjust clearing curves to their exact specifications. PRISMA’s software offers significant advantages over other systems in terms of speed, accuracy and flexibility, allowing users to get the best results in any situation. Its advanced features provides precise control over the clearing process.

    • Classification of every deviation in absolute length
    • Informs users about the actual fault deviation at different lengths and limits
    • Provides data about the fault distribution and yarn structure even with an open setting
    • Longest observation lengths on the market for the following fault types and matrices:
        1. OffCount (Deviations in Count)    up to 50 m
        2. SFI/D (Hairiness and CV)            up to 80 m
        3. OffColor (Deviations in Color)      up to 50 m

    Benefits of the extended observation lengths

    The extended observation length is the perfect solution for achieving higher-quality yarn with fewer cuts. PRISMA by Loepfe removes long faults in the yarn in a single cut and accurately identifies them, providing the most complete picture of the yarn structure in the process. Thanks to its extended observation length, spinning mills enjoy improved yarn quality, fewer splice cycles, and fewer cuts overall – all while saving time and money.

    The matrix comes with multiple set points to provide the highest flexibility in setting the clearing curve to ensure the required fabric appearance.

    The shorter observation lengths of conventional systems causes cuts immediately when the faults exceed the set curve. Slicing long faults into pieces will significantly downgrade the winding efficiency as well as cause more yarn waste. In addition, the fault is not assigned in its absolute length, which leads to a limited overview of the yarn. A missed opportunity for spinning process optimization.

    Example Matrix clearing OffCount: Faults are classified with their absolute length (circled numbers in the green area)

    PRISMA Length limit alarm:

    • Better: yarn quality, raw material utilization, second-grade process, and process optimization in yarn quality control

    The Length limit alarm maximizes winding machine and production efficiency with fewer splices and less hard waste. The “red” clearing curve in the green clearing field detects faults until their length touches the “purple” length limit curve. This immediately triggers the Length Limit Alarm, sending a signal to the winding machine to remove those long faults from the package. The winding machine can then process this bobbin further through the second-level yarn quality process, providing a boost in profitability due to higher efficiency and the possibility of a smooth second-grade process.

    The innovative textile alarm – Length limit alarm – is now available for the matrix of OffCount, SFID, and optionally for OffColor. The length limit curve can be adjusted fully to meet with the spinner’s requirements.

    Example OffCount with purple length limit curve and area


    • Less: Yarn waste
    • Higher: Production efficiency
    • Better: Material process monitoring

    The Bobbin startup alarm is the perfect solution for any spinning mill looking to increase its profitability. This textile alarm detects bobbins with the wrong count, and optionally with the wrong color, within the first wound 11 to 20m, providing the fastest detection of faulty bobbins on the market. The Bobbin startup alarm will reduce hard waste and improve production efficiency, while also providing the ability to classify cuts and monitor material processes more efficiently.

    Users preferably use the Bobbin startup alarm on winding machines with the round magazine to immediately alarm bobbins with different yarn properties. PRISMA offers innovative ways to reduce waste and further enhance the production process irrespective of the yarn type, the raw material processed, and process-related differences. The Bobbin startup alarm is automatically active after every bobbin change for the first 20 meters of wound yarn.

    Example OffCount Bobbin Startup Alarm with a set length limit of 12m and 10% deviation
    Example OffCount Bobbin Startup Alarm with a set length limit of 12m and 10% deviation


    YarnMaster® PRISMA by Loepfe centralized alarm management provides the perfect overview to manage OffStandard bobbins effectively.

    An effective way to manage OffStandard bobbins is now provided. PRISMA’s centralized alarm management shows all settings of repetitive yarn faults at a glance. This simplifies alarm management and enables the user to set all allowed cut repetitions per bobbin at one central point. Furthermore, greater control over the production process is provided. This centralized alarm management view is available for every fault type and provides the perfect overview to manage OffStandard bobbins effectively.

    Centralized alarm management overview for OffStandard bobbins

    Source: Loepfe



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