PicConnect by Picanol, efficient operations & real-time insights


    Picanol is pleased to introduce a set of fresh features in PicConnect, their online platform. In this article, we’ll highlight some of these new additions.


    API release for PicConnect

    We’re excited to announce that an API for PicConnect is now available. This will empower you to effortlessly extract machine data from our platform and integrate it into your systems. It means you will be able to revolutionize your operations with real-time insights.

    Enhanced stop declarations

    You can now bid farewell to guesswork and easily declare machine stops right from your machine’s display. You can also uncover efficiency losses according to OEE standards, pinpointing the who, what, and why of lost time situations. Gain actionable insights that will help you make smarter decisions!

    Centralized BlueTouch machine display configuration

    You can streamline your setup process and configure taskbars, browsers, signal lights, and units of measurement centrally in PicConnect. This means you can say goodbye to manual, machine-by-machine configurations, and save valuable time.

    Unleash the full potential of PicConnect

    Are you interested in getting access to these new features and all the other benefits of Pic Connect? If so, then please contact your local After Market Sales Representative.

    Source: Picanol



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