Manufacturing standards and fair labor costing at MG Apparel with timeSSD from DataS


    timeSSD® is the Genuine Cost-Effective time-cost manufacturing solution for apparel brands and manufacturers

    MG Apparel member of Mahmood Group from Pakistan, a premium quality apparel manufacturer operating on industry 4.0 guidelines, has selected timeSSD® for scientific labor costing, using international standard motion codes and pre-determined times.

    MG Apparel, with its conscious choice of striving for a sustainable and environment-friendly eco-system, is a growing manufacturer which produces premium quality innerwear, activewear and non-denim wear.

    As part of the progress to its innovative, digitized sustainable framework, the Industrial Engineers team started to evaluate timeSSD in January 2021. Using the free credits provided by default for timeSSD, accessing the comprehensive public library of video tutorials, and with the on-site support of Mr. Sheikh Amin Ahmed from FAM Apparel Solutions Ltd – timeSSD® partner for Pakistan, the Azure Cloud based system were stressed from multiple locations.

    timeSSD passed successfully the multiple criteria of the evaluation process, including: accuracy, easy to use, availability, collaboration with no instance and no user limit, integration with existing solutions, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO – excellent).

    MG Apparel uses timeSSD to establish manufacturing standards precisely and accurately, with correct standard minute values, resulting in a careful capacity planning, line balancing, better manufacturing management, worker motivation and fairly increased efficiency.

    With extensive expertise in fashion and apparel manufacturing, the cloud based timeSSD supports in a genuine cost-effective and flexible way the MG Apparel’s current and increasing garment production.

    The accuracy of the standard time, obtained by motion codes with Predetermined Time Standards (PTS), will help MG Apparel to supply garments in the market on the right price and with fair labor costs for the workers.

    The unique collaborative features of timeSSD® allows the brands and manufacturers to optimize the International Standard Time Benchmarks, using a common language and fact based negotiations, on the same platform in the Cloud.

    timeSSD training 

    The timeSSD workshops were planned remotely on digital channels and started in September.

    They were organized a weekly four-hour session during which the IE team was guided by common and individual exercises through the various structure and features of the timeSSD Predetermined Time Standard (PTS) system.

    The sessions followed the carefully customized study book combined with the huge experience of the trainer, an active practician engineer in garment factories.

    During the workshops practical examples from the company’s shop floor have been used. Between the sessions the engineers exercised individually based on a predefined task list. Free support have been provided by our professionals.

    This “learning by doing” approach, supported by the common analysis at the beginning of each session, proved its efficiency during the time. The weekly remote trainings, forced by the Covid pandemic the year before, allowed the participants to perform their daily duties, to apply the accumulated knowledge, to collect the questions arrived from practice and discuss them in the team during the next session. This progressive adoption of the software, having structured – simple and user-friendly interfaces, offers tangible results in each step, increasing the satisfaction of the users.


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