Karl Mayer: Soon with its own subsidiary in Turkey

    Karl Mayer group factory in Bursa

    KARL MAYER GROUP Strengthens Presence in Turkey with New Subsidiary in Bursa

    The KARL MAYER GROUP, a prominent player in the textile industry, is bolstering its business endeavors in Turkey by establishing a new subsidiary in Bursa. Anticipated to open its doors this coming October, the move underscores the company’s commitment to meeting the escalating needs of its clientele and the burgeoning importance of the Turkish market.

    A Fruitful Partnership with Erko: Paving the Way for Market Expansion

    One of the cornerstones of the KARL MAYER GROUP’s triumphs in the market is its longstanding collaboration with Erko, the regional representative for the group. This mutually beneficial partnership, spanning over five decades, has been instrumental in the company’s achievements. As the Turkish market charts a promising trajectory in the medium to long term, both entities foresee a positive market evolution.

    Strategic Focus on Competences: Unveiling Enhanced Customer Support

    To harness and mold the vast potential of the market, a strategic shift in focus within the Warp Knitting and Warp Preparation Business Units is on the horizon. Erko A.S. will strategically pivot towards sales, leveraging its extensive regional network. Simultaneously, the KARL MAYER GROUP will take the reins of after-sales service, ushering customers into the comprehensive Care Solutions realm of the group. This transition ensures a heightened level of support, replete with cutting-edge solutions, particularly in the digital sphere, to tackle contemporary challenges. Clients can confidently build upon the tried-and-true foundation.

    A Visionary Headquarters in Bursa: A Nexus of Service and Innovation

    Nestled in Bursa, the newly established headquarters spans nearly 1,000 m² across three levels. The facility boasts a gamut of functionalities, encompassing service provisions, an academy adorned with textile samples and a training apparatus, a repair workshop, and a repository for spare parts. Situated in the prime commerce hub of Turkey, the establishment also serves as a pivotal customer touchpoint.

    Axel Wintermeyer, The Karl Mayer Group
    Axel Wintermeyer, The Karl Mayer Group

    Axel Wintermeyer, Vice President of Care Solutions at the KARL MAYER GROUP, affirms, “We are here to serve. Our esteemed customers are invited to engage with us, attend courses, garner insights, consult with technicians, and procure essential spare parts.” As the journey unfolds, textile trials are poised to become a viable endeavor, he adds.

    Source: The Karl Mayer Group 



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