Jakob Müller Group – CEO Andreas Conzelmann has been in his position for 100 days


    Andreas Conzelmann has been CEO of the Jakob Müller Group (JMG) since the beginning of the year and is focusing on innovation and customer orientation. Under his leadership, key positions have been strengthened and the opening of an “Innovation Lab” in Frick is being planned. JMG is part of Jakob Müller Holding AG (JMH). The group of companies is focusing on digital investments and global expertise to secure its leading position in the industry.

    Andreas Conzelmann became CEO of the Jakob Müller Group (JMG) on January 1. He quickly recognized the challenges and opportunities for JMG in a demanding global economic situation. JMG plays a leading role in the global textile machinery industry and is well established in the market – despite high competitive pressure, strong competition and its Swiss production site. The requirements have changed significantly over the past 10 years and the economic conditions are currently very challenging. “We are facing up to these challenges and investing. There are positive signals from the market that keeps us optimistic,” explains Conzelmann.

    Focus on customer orientation, innovation and a strong corporate culture

    In recent months, the Executive Board and other key positions have been expanded in order to strengthen the management team. “Our focus is on leveraging the expertise within the Group worldwide and focusing on innovations that support our customers,” explains Conzelmann. “The customer is at the center of everything we do and we will focus even more on this in the future.” As an example, he mentions the planned “Innovation Lab” in Frick, which will open this year. In “LAB1887”, new solutions will be developed and technologies combined on Müller machines together with customers. “Customers will have the opportunity to test their initial ideas and solutions in a realistic environment here in Frick,” says Conzelmann. In addition to “LAB1887”, innovation projects have been launched in which new technologies and applications for the machines are developed together with universities, partners and customers.

    Commitment to the location and the willingness to innovate

    The Jakob Müller Group is part of Jakob Müller Holding, which also includes Benninger AG and List Technology AG. According to the owner Stephan Bühler, the time is currently being used intensively for a “rethinking” of the strategy, which will take JMG a big step forward in terms of competitiveness. Bühler sees this as an important part of an investment in the future: “We are continuing to expand our core business in industry and support our companies so that they grow healthily and profitably. And we are investing heavily in digital solutions.” The planned “LAB1887” innovation lab in Frick is also an example of the Jakob Müller Group’s commitment to positioning itself at the leading edge of the textile machinery industry and to developing it further, says Bühler.

    Source: Jakob Müller 



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