ITM 2024 Exhibition: Preparing to Break New Records with the Number of Exhibitors and Visitors


    The countdown has started for ITM 2024, one of the most important meeting points of textile technology leaders. ITM 2024, which will bring together technology manufacturers, global investors and professional visitors from all over the world, is preparing to break new records with the diversity of exhibitors, visitor profile and the business volume it creates.

    ITM 2024 International Textile Machinery Exhibition, which will be held in partnership with Tüyap Tüm Fuarcılık Yapım Inc. and Teknik Fairs Inc. and in cooperation with Textile Machinery and Accessories Industrialists Association (TEMSAD), will open its doors to its visitors between 4-8 June 2024 at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center.

    Innovative Products will Reach a Wider Audience with the Expansion of the Fairground

    The companies, which reached the number of visitors and sales figures above their expectations in the exhibitions they participated in the previous years, enlarged their stands at ITM 2024. There was also a significant increase in the number of companies participating in the exhibition for the first time.

    ITM Team increased the number of halls from 12 to 13 in order to meet the increasing demands of companies and new exhibitors in line with the targets of expanding the exhibition. Thanks to the expanded exhibition area, companies that enlarge their stands and have the opportunity to take part in ITM 2024 for the first time will have the chance to exhibit their products and services in a wider range. The latest products to be exhibited at the ITM 2024 Exhibition, which will bring together more than 1300 companies and company representatives from more than 70 countries, will meet with thousands of qualified buyers.

    Focus of ITM 2024: Digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence and Automation

    ITM 2024 Exhibition, which will be organised this year with the motto ‘Discover the Future’, will offer an unmissable opportunity for those who want to discover the latest innovations in the sector, establish new business contacts and shape the textile world of the future together.

    Machines designed to increase production efficiency and reduce costs, new production techniques such as digitalisation, artificial intelligence and automation will be one of the focal points of ITM 2024. Machines and equipment designed to reduce environmental impact and manufactured from sustainable materials will come to the fore at ITM 2024. Topics such as the use of recyclable materials, energy efficiency, waste reduction solutions, smart weaving machines and production monitoring systems will also be discussed at ITM 2024.

    Company owners, managers, employees and sector representatives visiting the exhibition will have the opportunity to see the latest technological innovations for the first time and touch the firsts. Sector representatives, who will open brand new horizons in their minds about textile technologies, will sign brand new products by transforming the extraordinary and original ideas they get at ITM 2024 into design. Company owners who will be able to get information from experts about the technologies they will use in their factories will develop their products and direct their investments.

    Sustainable Denim Technologies at ITM 2024

    The ‘Denim Technologies Special Section’, which will enable companies in the denim sector to introduce their sustainable innovations and latest technologies to the whole world, will guide buyers and brands looking for reliable information on sustainable products.

    The specialised hall where the latest technologies for the sector will be exhibited will also offer a great opportunity for its visitors. Visitors to the ‘Denim Technologies Special Section’, where machinery and chemical manufacturers such as washing, bleaching, dyeing, cutting, patterning, finishing, drying, ozone used in denim production will have the opportunity to see innovations closely for the first time.

    Global Investors will Prefer ITM 2024

    ITM 2024 Exhibition; More than 70 thousand professional visitors from all over the world, from Asia to South America, from Africa to the Balkans, will meet with branded companies in the sector. Thanks to the B2B meetings to be organised at the fair, companies will establish new and permanent commercial connections. Trade delegations and global textile investors from many countries where textiles are active such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, India and Egypt will prefer ITM 2024 Exhibition. Thanks to the latest technologies to be exhibited at ITM 2024 Exhibition, machine sales and new investment decisions to be taken, the textile machinery sector will gain a great momentum in the world and in Turkey.

    Intense Interest from Trade Delegations to ITM 2024 Exhibition

    The Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey is requesting trade delegations from dozens of countries to come to the ITM 2024, which is included in the list of ‘Domestic Fairs Covered by Support’. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Iran, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Serbia, Poland, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela are among the countries requesting a trade delegation. Applications to consulates and commercial attaché offices indicate that ITM 2024 will see a record increase in the number of visitors.

    Visa Agreement with Turkey will Increase the Number of Visitors to the Exhibition

    The fact that many countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Iran, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, which are the shining stars of the textile world with their great potential and production power, have visa agreements with Turkey increases the importance of ITM 2024 Exhibition. The fact that the textile manufacturers of the countries that have visa problems when travelling to Europe do not have this problem when coming to Istanbul plays an important role in increasing the number of exhibitors and visitors of ITM 2024 Exhibition.

    Istanbul offers great convenience to visitors in terms of transport and accommodation

    On the other hand, the fact that the exhibition is held in Istanbul, which is geographically the closest point connecting the countries to each other, turns ITM 2024 Exhibition into a centre of attraction for both exhibitors and visitors. Istanbul, which is located within a 3-hour flight distance to the world’s major trade centres, provides easy access to both the surrounding provinces and the surrounding countries by air, sea and land. In addition to European countries; investors from the Middle East, North Africa, Turkic Republics and Balkan countries will be able to reach Istanbul after a 3-hour flight and visit the ITM 2024 Exhibition. In addition, thanks to the proximity of the hotels to the fairgrounds, visitors coming to the ITM Exhibition from home and abroad will not have difficulties in terms of accommodation.


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