Interview with Tobias Fanderl, Area Sales Manager, Mahlo


    Tobias Fanderl, we introduced you as our project manager some time ago. Since January 1 of this year, you have also taken on the role of Area Sales Manager. A good reason to talk to you again.

    Which markets are you now responsible for and which product area?

    I am responsible for all product areas in our markets in England, Ireland and the Netherlands. In the QMS sector, I also look after Turkey, OEMs in the DACH region and selected projects in Central Europe. I do this in close coordination with our Product Manager QCS, Matthias Wulbeck.

    What do you see as the challenges in your new area of responsibility? And what do you particularly like?

    The area of application is still relatively new to me, although I have acquired a certain amount of basic knowledge over the years. I‘m still building on that at the moment. And during my many years at Mahlo, during which I have dealt intensively with the technical aspects, it is now important that I explain this content to the customer clearly and comprehensibly. I can‘t assume that the customer has the same technical understanding of Mahlo appliances as I do. So I have to make sure that I can convey the information in an
    understandable way. And that‘s easier said than done… I particularly like the contact with customers in my new area of responsibility. In project management, you already have a lot of contact with customers, but it‘s more technical. In sales, the starting position is completely different.

    Despite the current difficult situation on the global market, what are your expectations for the future?

    Despite the current economic situation, I expect a large number of new projects to arise. Because Mahlo is still well positioned. My mother-in-law likes to refer to the biblical wisdom: “Seven fat years are always followed by seven lean years”. And then things pick up again. I am therefore confident that the situation on the global market will recover.

    In addition, we at Mahlo are constantly developing great new products with which we can open up new branches of industry – the best example of this is the battery industry.

    Source: Mahlo



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