Groz-Beckert: Choose the right wire for carding


    Groz-Beckert’s Carding division introduces new highlights for the spinning industry

    The revolving flat card is called the heart of the spinning mill. Or, as spinners like to say, “well carded is half spun.” This illustrates the immense significance of carding to the end result and the quality of the yarn. At ITMA 2023, Groz-Beckert introduced various product innovations to customers processing short staple fibers. All carding products developed and made by Groz-Beckert feature details that offer advantages beyond mere quality parameters.

    Spinners have high expectations on manufacturers of card clothing. They expect a constant or even improved yarn quality, while at the same time achieving a high production output. Furthermore, they ask for low production costs and minimum expenses for maintenance.


    These requirements are met to the full extent with CMF cylinder wires from Groz-Beckert. CMF stands for “Cylinder Maintenance Free”. This family of cylinder wires has been developed and tailored for quality-oriented cotton spinning companies that produce high-end yarns.

    CMF cylinder wires are characterized in particular by their special tooth shape and show their potential when processing cotton and man-made fibers for the production of open-end and ring yarns. Due to their special and patented tooth geometry, the card clothing does not require complex and costly grinding processes.

    CMF cylinder wire with ingenious tooth geometry

    With revolving flat cards with automatic grinding system, maintenance of the card clothing – and therefore replacement of the grinding stone – is no longer necessary. This results in a significantly longer service life of the wires and less production downtime. The wire provides a higher neps and impurities removal efficiency and a more consistent sliver and yarn quality. CMF cylinder wires are available in various designs for different applications.


    The portfolio of cylinder card clothing for the spinning industry, of course, is not limited to CMF cylinder wires. Groz-Beckert has put great efforts in developing and manufacturing the lightweight C15-40-95 cylinder wire. Due to the reduced overall height of this cylinder wire, customers benefit from lower transportation costs, potential energy savings of the cylinder roller and a higher load capacity of the wire bobbins. The technical parameters of the working area of the tooth are identical to cylinder wires with a height of 2.0 mm.

    Cylinder wire C15-40-95 is a real lightweight

    In addition to the mentioned cylinder wires, Groz-Beckert also offers a wide range of stationary flats for the licker-in area and pre-carding zone, both of which fulfill an important task in high-performance carding. They support the revolving tops and protect them from overload by opening the fiber tufts before they enter the revolving top area.

    Tailored to avoid fiber loading

    The stationary flats portfolio includes all the required basic designs and covers all card types. The new series of fixed flats offered by Groz-Beckert is characterized by an innovative tooth geometry, a new tooth distribution as well as an improved aluminum profile. The surface is more resistant to damage, and the new fixed flats reduce the risk of fiber loading. The controlled opening of the fiber tufts in the revolving flat card, enabled by the new stationary flats, relieves the stress on the card and has a positive effect on its service life.

    Groz-Beckert’s new series of fixed flats reduces the risk of fiber loading By further developing its products, Groz-Beckert strives to achieve performance improvements, increase production efficiency, and, most importantly, always provide solutions that meet the market needs in terms of new technologies and requirements.

    Source: Groz-Beckert 



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