Gleaming, the line of metalloplastic yarns, introduces Reflex, a range of coloured, reflective yarns for technical, safety and stretch uses.


Gleaming, the line of metalloplastic yarns, introduces Reflex, a range of coloured, reflective yarns for technical, safety and stretch uses.

In addition to uses in the worlds of fashion and furnishings, for fancy yarns, decoration and accessories, an important application for the Gleaming collection is in the sector of technical clothing with high-visibility features.

The new range of reflective yarns Reflex, used for the production of fabrics and tapes, able to reflect the light and ensure good visibility for people wearing them in low-light situations, is augmented by new colour shades in addition to the traditional greys.

The innovative reflective yarns in white, black, and light and dark multicolours offer new possibilities for:

  • tapes, external labels and accessories;
  • technical fabrics for work clothing with specific safety standards;
  • uniforms, sports clothing and accessories;
  • hosiery, gloves, bibs and hats for night use, for winter clothing and for northern markets.

The latest addition to the range, with important new functionality, is the Reflex stretch yarn, which, apart from in the sectors described above, also finds application in flat bed or circular knitting and sewing. Its particular composition makes it softer and more versatile in comparison to traditional reflectives.

The Gleaming line, composed of articles which are mostly available in stock service, represents a completion of the range of yarns produced by the Marchi & Fildi Group. The Gleaming yarns are available in various thicknesses, widths and types in both metallised and transparent versions, and iridescent, reflective and phosphorescent effects. The offer also includes articles with particular features of resistance to chemical and dyeing treatments.

Amongst the most recent innovations is the line of metalloplastic yarns in 100% polyester obtained from post-consumer recycling with GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certification.

The Marchi & Fildi Group
Marchi & Fildi Spa was established in 2007 from the fusion of the spinning companies Filatura Marchi and Fildi, in the ownership of the Marchi and Dissegna families.

Filidea is the younger company in the Group and was established in 2008. Marchi & Fildi Group’s offer for the fashion world includes yarns for both flat bed and circular knitting, weaving and hosiery. The distinctive element of the collection is represented by the focus on sustainability, starting with the selection of raw materials through to the Ecotec® brand, owned by Marchi & Fildi. The Filidea brand represents a selection of natural, sustainable and certified yarns for a high-prestige market sector. Filidea is also specialised in the production and development of technical yarns for protective and work clothing, for the automotive branch and for various industrial purposes.

The modern dyeing department and the pilot research and development plant enable the creation of new yarns for the collection, the collaboration with universities and research centres, and with various partners for the development of special projects. Now that the third generation of entrepreneurs have joined the company, Marchi & Fildi Spa is a group which is internationally known and which has a constant rate of growth.

Ecotec® is the patented production process developed by Marchi & Fildi to bring new yarns into being by means of the upcycling of pre- and post-consumer waste and post-consumer PET. The Ecotec® range ensures a reduction in environmental impact: up to 46.9% savings in terms of energy consumption, up to 46.6% reduction of CO2 and up to 61.6% reduction of water consumption along the entire supply chain.


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