Durst Group subsidiary PrePress digital relocates its headquarters


    PrePress Digital – Software Development (PPD), a subsidiary of the Durst Group, has taken a significant step for its future development amidst its remarkable recent growth. In the fall of 2024, PPD, a pioneering force in innovative solutions for the printing industry, will relocate its headquarters to the heart of Lienz. Furthermore, PPD will establish its new home in one of the two Schlossberg Villas buildings. This strategic move comes as PrePress Digital acquires the entire building, which is currently undergoing comprehensive renovations, marking the cornerstone of their new strategic direction.

    PrePress Digital

    With a track record of strong and continuous growth in recent years,

    PrePress Digital has played an integral role in the overall development of the Durst Group. Consequently, the decision to relocate its headquarters to Lienz signifies a momentous milestone in their journey, reaffirming the Durst Group’s commitment to the future. Notably, the transformation of the Schlossberg Villas is scheduled for completion within the next twelve months.

    Furthermore, Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of the Durst Group, underscores the strategic significance of this decision, stating, “The relocation of PrePress Digital to this new, modern environment is a logical step for our subsidiary to expand its services to third-party companies in the realm of digital printing and production technologies. We firmly believe that PPD will continue to thrive and expand in this environment.”

    Hans Peter Schneeberger, CEO of PrePress Digital, adds, “The new location presents the ideal size and positioning to establish ourselves as an exceptionally attractive employer in the region. Consequently, our employees will enjoy a comfortable work environment with open, well-lit spaces and excellent access to public transportation. In line with our commitment to eco-friendly solutions, we will continue to uphold our sustainable principles and generate a significant portion of our electricity needs through a photovoltaic system on the building’s roof.”

    Source: The Durst Group



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