DOMOTEX Turkey, the leading trade fair of the carpet and floor coverings industry, opens its doors


    DOMOTEX Turkey, the largest meeting of the global carpet and floor covering industry in Türkiye and the Middle East, welcomed visitors to the Antalya ANFAŞ International Fair and Congress Centre

    The global carpet and floor covering industry aims to reach a trade volume of 65 billion dollars by maintaining its growth stability in the next 7 years. DOMOTEX Turkey, the biggest meeting of this rapidly growing sector in Türkiye and the Middle East, opened its doors this year in Antalya, the capital of tourism. The trade fair’s opening ceremony was hosted by Hannover Fairs Turkey with the attendance of General Manager Annika Klar, DMAG Senior Vice President Arno Reich, DOMOTEX Global Director Sonia Wedell Castellano, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) Vice President of the Board Fatih Kabadayı, Association of Iran Textile Industries Vice President Dr. Shahin Kazemi and  Anfaş Expo Center  President Ali Bıdı DOMOTEX Turkey was held in Antalya this year, due to the fact that Gaziantep Middle East Fair Centre (OFM) is now considered a logistics base for earthquake aid.

    Industry Key Players Take Their Place at the Exhibition
    DOMOTEX Turkey, which is eagerly awaited by the carpet and floor coverings industry every year, makes an important contribution to the growth journey of the brands with the trade volume it creates. Highlighting exhibitors’ innovative designs and remarkable products, the exhibition not only hosts the sector’s leading companies such as Merinos, ADO Floor, Gümüşser Home, Fatihtr Halı ve Kilim, Solomon Carpet, Gheytaran Carpet, Afshar Zarineh, Almas Kavir but also opens the door to domestic manufacturers seeking to enter the international market, as well as international exhibitors from USA, UAE, China, South Korea, India, Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Jordan pursuing access to the regional market.

    The Dual Impact: Contributing to Exports and Opening the Door to Innovations
    While DOMOTEX Turkey hosts a wide range of innovations in the focus of trends, the trade volume generated by the trade fair contributes significantly to Türkiye’s export of carpets and floor coverings. DOMOTEX Global Director Sonia Wedell Castellano, noting the sizeable growth of the carpet trade in Türkiye and the world, also said, “Over the last few years, hardly any other topic was as deeply present in our minds as sustainability – as it is essential for all of us. Sustainability is of vital importance for human survival: any product and service produced and supplied must be eco-friendly and sustainable. Therefore, I am delighted that this year’s event is focusing on “Sustainability and Recycling” – with many exhibitors displaying their environmentally friendly products: Discover a wide range of eco-friendly carpets and rugs made of sustainable material such as bamboo, cotton, wool and silk as well as you can discover flexible floor coverings made from recycled materials, antibacterial and new generation water-proof luxury vinyl tiles.

    DOMOTEX Turkey offers many advantages in Antalya, the capital of tourism
    DOMOTEX Turkey is taking place this year in Antalya, Türkiye’s tourism capital, as Gaziantep OFM is allocated as a logistics base for post-earthquake aid. Hannover Fairs Turkey General Manager Annika Klar, noted that Antalya offers many advantages to visitors, including the proximity of Antalya Airport to hotels and the fairground, as well as direct flights to many destinations via both domestic and international airlines. In addition, “DOMOTEX Turkey indirectly contributes to many sectors in the city, from accommodation to food & beverage and from tourism to entertainment, as the event attracts visitors from both Türkiye and abroad.”

    Türkiye’s world leader in carpet exports
    Speaking at the opening ceremony of DOMOTEX Turkey, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice President Fatih Kabadayı pointed out that Turkey is one of the largest players in the world after China, which produces machine-made carpets, and said: “Our country increased its machine-made carpet trade volume by 21.9 percent in 2021 to 2.7 billion dollars. Although there was a small decrease in 2022, trade volume was at the level of 2.5 billion dollars. Stating that machine-made carpets rank first in Turkey’s carpet exports, Kabadayı said that the export of machine-made carpets in May 2023 increased by 48.1 percent compared to May 2022, and the industry continues to grow rapidly.

    Ali Bıdı, Chairman of the Board of Antalya ANFAŞ International Fair and Congress Center, stated in his opening speech that they are happy to host local and foreign business people participating in the fair in Antalya, and said that he believes DOMOTEX Turkey will create a good synergy.


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