Careers advice day at Mayer & Cie: Three Lammerberg Realschule year nine classes visit circular knitting machine manufacturer


    As the crow flies, Mayer & Cie. and the Lammerberg Realschule in Albstadt-Tailfingen are less than a kilometre apart. So around 70 Year Nine students were able to walk to their Careers Advice Day destination on 26 October. There were plenty of insights for the 14- and 15-year-olds to gain into vocational training at the circular knitting machine manufacturer. After an introduction by training manager Michael Fortenbacher the students toured the Mayer & Cie. production halls. Some also visited the Südwestmetall careers advice truck.

    “What matters to us is to give students the widest possible range of insights into how we work and the career choices we offer,” Fortenbacher said. He is in charge of technical apprenticeships in industrial mechanics, textile production mechanics and textile product design, all on offer to male, female and other applicants. “Our high degree of production depth makes the manufacturing process of our products plain to see for students. We start with the retaining ring and 300 metres later the forklift truck drives a finished, packaged circular knitting machine out of the production hall.”

    Heike Maier is Head of Human Resources and Apprenticeships. She is in charge of commercial apprenticeships leading to an industrial clerk qualification. Between them, Maier and Fortenbacher supervise the training of about 20 apprentices a year. The number of apprentices is slightly lower at the moment, the pandemic having taken its toll on the number of both applicants and trainees.

    That is why Michael Fortenbacher and Heike Maier were pleased that the Careers Advice Day was held again after a one-year Covid break. “During the Coronavirus period opportunities to meet with students were very limited. Yet they are absolutely essential because fit and interested students are our skilled workers of tomorrow,” Heike Maier said.

    The training managers greatly appreciate the collaboration with Mayer & Cie.’s its near neighbour the Lammerberg Realschule. “We are delighted with the close and active exchange with the teachers and can look back on many good experiences with students at the Realschule.”


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