Blue-jean Lady AQUARIA® by Biancalani


    Denim is the new black. With consumers increasingly looking to shop consciously and the always-increasing demand for denim, it is crucial to keep pace or, even better, to be ahead of times. Biancalani presented the denim treatments made possible, discussing the quality and savings during ITMA 2023 in Milan, the heart of Italy’s textile machinery business. Experts described these treatments as class-apart, all thanks to the blue-jean Lady AQUARIA® by Biancalani. They are Aquastone, Aquaflat and Aquafix.

    Biancalani has made many tests on AQUARIA®, always looking for something special, for something more than what already existed. In regard to denim, Biancalani aimed to create treatments similar or preparatory to the ones made on fabric during the laundry process. Laundry processes work on the dark, raw denim fabric, scratching it, spraying it, and treating it in dedicated machines to achieve the finished jeans. That is also in response to requests coming from Biancalani’s clients who have already been successfully using AQUARIA®, aware of denim growing trend.

    Being AQUARIA® a machinery that treats the fabric continuously, it is possible to save time and energy by anticipating part of the treatment, precisely, in an open-width continuous process. This is vital for companies engaged in large-scale production. One of the most well-known, historic denim brands, actively involved in large-scale production, specifically reached out to Biancalani for Aquastone, the initial denim treatment by AQUARIA®. The purpose of the machine is to reach laundries with fabric that has already undergone meticulous treatment, showcasing an impressive stonewashed effect. This not only enhances the efficiency of the subsequent garment laundry processes but also leads to significant time and energy savings.


    Aquastone is a washing process reproducing the final stonewashed effect: it abrades the fabric surface while leaving the bottom side untouched and thus bringing out the real fabric structure. That surface-treatment prevents from reducing the tone of color, on the contrary it leaves enough color. Therefore, manufacturers can treat the garment further to achieve the typical worn effect on the seams and the necessary shading, along with the accentuated three-dimensionality inherent in the laundry process. The result is a class apart from traditional mercerizing.


    Aquaflat is a process aiming at a new effect that is totally different from traditional products. In this case, current technology allows to get to a smooth, flat fabric that also has the ultimate soft hand.Mercerization had already revolutionized fabric processing in 2000, flattening and adding shine to the fabric. However, the hand of the fabric remained quite textured and somewhat rough. Thanks to Aquaflat, the fabric is flat, but softer and fluffier to the touch.


    Aquafix exploits the unique effect created by AQUARIA® mechanical washing, the so-called, unparalleled, mama-wash effect. While the color is preserved, AQUARIA® removes those color parts that are not fixed and completely useless: the necessary part for shading is the only one actually getting to the laundry phase thus allowing considerable energy saving as per laser treatment. Besides, as per color removing, thanks to the eco-bleaching treatment by AQUARIA® it is possible to remove almost 50% of color without using harmful substances.

    Blue-jean Lady AQUARIA®:

    Blue-jean lady

    at the moment, no other open-width continuous machinery for textile finishing does what AQUARIA® does in terms of quality working on fabrics during the washing process. Textile experts are describing the results as class-apart. It appears that AQUARIA®, the blue-jean Lady, is truly taking a step forward—transforming the dark, raw denim into a perfectly pre-worked flat fabric with a visible pattern that can be used as is and is ready to be drawn on during the laundry process.

    Source: Biancalani 



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