After the earthquake in Turkey: Trützschler Service is back in action in record time


    Following the tragic earthquake in Turkey in February of this year, we evacuated our main warehouse and offices in Kahramanmaraş to the 5th Organized Industrial Zone in Gaziantep.

    Five weeks after the earthquake, the warehouse could be put into operation to quickly return to the needs of our customers. In fact, after just three weeks, we were already able to provide them with on-site support.

    Team Trützschler in front of our new warehouse in Gaziantep.

    The new 1450-square-meter service station in Gaziantep consists of a wire and a parts warehouse, a TCC wire station and an electronic repair station. It also includes a project and shipping department and an inspector’s office. 15 people are actively working at this location.

    As the Trützschler family, we will continue to stand by our customers and revitalize the textile industry in Turkey under all circumstances.


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