SSM air texturing machine DP5-T offers flexible production with high quality

    Flexible and reliable, the SSM DP5-T allows TURKTEX to provide high quality Air Textured Yarn.

    SSM air texturing machine DP5-T is designed for the flexible production of high quality air-jet textured yarns. It offers a lot of possibilities in terms of lot sizes and types and counts of yarns. The Turkish synthetic yarn manufacturer TURKTEX is renowned for its huge portfolio and has the ambition to go even further and become the Amazon of yarns. With SSM DP5-T, TURKTEX can handle large assortments with short lead time, taking its competitiveness and mission towards customers to the next level.

    The air texturing machine DP5-T can process all types of continuous filament yarns like polyester, polyamide, polypropylene or glass. All the different forms like Fully Drawn Yarn, Fully Oriented Yarn or Partially Oriented Yarn can also be processed to a large range of yarns for a wide variety of applications. Depending on the targeted count range, two versions are available: the DP5-TF for fine to medium counts and the DP5-T for fine to coarse counts. The machine is easy to operate and makes changing raw material and parameters a walk in the park.

    Fig. 2: Dündar Cetin, owner of TURKTEX, appreciates working with SSM, as the two companies share the same values and are passionate about delighting customers.

    Innovation in the highest quality
    TURKTEX is committed to innovation. With a dedicated internal textile research and development department, the company offers innovative products, responding to the ever-changing needs of the market. To make these products a reality in the desired quality, the company can count on SSM. In 2020, TURKTEX acquired the SSM texturing machine DP5-T (Fig. 1) to meet the demand in Air Textured Yarn made of PES and PP. It then invested in a DP5-FT false twist-texturing machine to drive business in the Drawn Texturized Yarn market. Dündar Cetin (Fig. 2), owner and technical director of TURKTEX, states: “Always keeping promises and ensuring excellent quality is possible for us, thanks to SSM DP5-T.”

    Flexibility in an instant
    The DP5-T makes it easy to switch between recipes, an indispensable feature for TURKTEX as it responds fast to the needs of its customers. The company stores approximately 1 000 different recipes in its SSM DP5-T machines and changes around every other second day the settings of the spindles. With its individual drive concept, the DP5-T makes it easy to switch between recipes. Any recipe can be removed and put back into production without any quality or repeatability issues.

    The size of batches is another critical factor for TURKTEX. While standard batches in the industry are usually above two tons, TURKTEX handles many small orders, as low as 50 kg. With its individual drive concept, the SSM DP5-T is fast, flexible and easy to use which allows the company to produce smaller batches, very quickly and with the desired quality.

    Fig. 3: Ömer Efendioğlu, plant manager at TURKTEX, is very satisfied with the great support from SSM.

    TURKTEX plant manager, Ömer Efendioğlu (Fig 3.), highlights: “SSM cares about our needs and supports us from the first negotiation to the commissioning of the machine and beyond.” Mr. Cetin adds: “I am really very happy about the cooperation with SSM because we follow the same values with our identical slogan: Flexible, Fast, Safe.”


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