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    Spindle is the core of spinning machinery and play a crucial role in their performance. With an impact on productivity, quality, energy saving or work environment, selecting the right spindle for an application is key. Thanks to Novibra’s wide range of spindles, finding the perfect spindle is child’s play.

    As the leader in spindle technology, Novibra offers a great selection of innovative and high-performance spindles.

    First-ever spindle to run at 30,000 rpm – NASA HPS 68

    Famous for extending service periods, reducing noise level, and ensuring maximum durability, Novibra’s flagship and best-seller NASA HPS 68, already convinced premium machine manufacturers such as Rieter, Toyota or top-class Chinese producers.

    NASA HPS 68
    NASA HPS 68

    Installations in the optimum range for NASA HPS 68 – at medium to fine yarn counts and 20 000 to 30 000 rpm speed – represent a completely different type of load on the spindle than coarse yarn count applications. Smaller repeated loads at high frequency occur causing micro vibrations. Therefore, a chamber filled with lifetime grease was introduced as a second damping system. Noise is thus significantly reduced, making the spinning mill a better place to work.

    Reliable solution for medium and fine yarn counts – HPS 68

    Novibra’s second best-selling spindle, HPS 68, has been a technical revolution in the switch from conical types to spindles with a flat tip. Its unrivalled spindle insert constitutes a base for all Novibra spindles of younger generations. HPS 68 is the right spindle to spin standard short-staple fibers to medium and fine yarn counts.

    HPS 68
    HPS 68 with steel cutter

    Although higher speeds are possible, the spindle outperforms at speeds up to 20 000 rpm with favourable noise levels and long lifetime. It also makes operators’ lives easier with substantially longer oil exchange periods.

    The right choice for coarse yarn counts – L HPS 68

    When spinning coarse yarn counts, L HPS 68 is the right spindle. Its unique wharve diameter of 18.5 mm ensures optimized energy consumption and load on the machine driving elements. In most applications, a full cop and high tension of the yarn put a heavy load on the spindle neck bearing – which is increased by further imbalances occurring in the spinning process of coarse yarns. The special design elements of the L HPS 68 spindle absorb heavy loads and ensure the desired harder damping.

    HPS 68 with CROCOdoff.
    L-HPS 68 with CROCOdoff.

    The spindle primarily operates with tube lengths ranging from 220 to 250 mm, but operators can also use tube lengths of 280 mm, for example, wool spinners. While you can choose to increase speeds up to 20,000 rpm, the desired yarn count and twist restrict the speed.

    High speed and energy savings – LENA

    The latest addition to the Novibra spindle family was especially designed to achieve high speeds with lowest energy consumption and reduced noise. LENA is the right spindle to spin yarn counts of Ne 30 and finer, with tube lengths up to 210 mm at speeds up to 30 000 rpm. Thanks to the uniquely small wharve diameter of 17.5 mm, 4 to 6% energy savings can be achieved.


    As creating a more sustainable future for the textile industry is getting more and more urgent, LENA is an attractive choice.

    The right crown for every spindle

    To leverage on its spindle range, Novibra also provides an extensive range of clamping crowns for underwinding-free doffing. The development of each crown has been thoroughly studied, with only one goal in mind: boosting customer’s competitiveness. Based on the machine type, doffing system and raw material or yarn count, Novibra offers countless designs from replaceable EASYdoff to sturdy steel crowns and from SERVOgrip to self-cleaning CROCOdoff.

    The right crown for every spindle

    On request, Novibra also provides customized spindles without catching crowns for machines without automatic doffers.

    There is an ongoing debate about the introduction of a universal spindle type. However, only optimally selected spindles give the best results. In the selection process, you must consider yarn count, speed, lifetime, maintenance, and energy consumption requirements. Novibra sales teams assist customers in choosing the right spindles to achieve the optimum performance.

    Source: Novibra



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