Loepfe celebrates success in Pakistan


    The announcement came with jubilation as the sales and service operations in Pakistan were declared a resounding success, thanks to the unwavering support and collaboration of esteemed partners – Service Traders and Tekstil Corporation. Their invaluable contributions had set the stage for a prosperous future in Pakistan.

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    Loepfe’s Partners in Pakistan

    Service Traders: Exceptional Service Capabilities

    Service Traders had proven to be a crucial partner in ensuring exceptional service and support for the clients in Pakistan. “We take pride in highlighting the exceptional service capabilities offered by Service Traders,” emphasized the spokesperson, “which includes comprehensive repair services for all generations of clearers, top-notch spare parts provision, as well as field service assistance coupled with technical consulting expertise.”

    Tekstil Corporation: Continuing the Journey

    The journey continued with Tekstil Corporation, the trusted sales agency in Pakistan. Alongside Service Traders, Tekstil Corporation would handle after-sales services, ensuring the clients receive the support they need throughout the lifespan of the products.

    A Grateful Farewell and a New Beginning

    Mr. Kanjee of Service Traders and Mr. Sheik Mansour of Tekstil Corporation received heartfelt gratitude for their instrumental efforts in making the setup in Pakistan a triumph. The team welcomed Mr. Amir Memon as the new CEO of Service Traders while making preparations for Mr. Kanjee’s well-deserved retirement.

    Introducing Mr. Amir Memon

    Afterward, Mr. Amir Memon, an experienced electronics engineer with a wealth of experience in the textile sector, stepped into the role of CEO at Service Traders. Expressing his feelings, he said, “I am honored to assume the position of CEO at this remarkable company.” Mr. Memon emphasized his vision, stating, “My aim is to drive the organization forward through collaboration and a customer-centric approach.” Additionally, he expressed gratitude to his predecessor, saying, “I express my gratitude to my predecessor for setting a strong foundation for our success in Pakistan.”

    A Vision for Success

    Following that, Mr. Memon shared his vision, stating, “With a steadfast focus on collaboration and customer-centricity, my aim is to propel our company to new heights.” He expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I look forward to working alongside Loepfe to achieve shared success.”

    Farewell and Gratitude

    Former CEO Mr. Kanjee expressed his gratitude, stating, “After many years of unwavering commitment and dedicated service, I am announcing my retirement as CEO of Service Traders.” Reflecting on his tenure, he continued, “It has been a privilege and honor to lead such a talented and passionate group of individuals and to serve, discuss, and achieve the best with our valued customers.” He also expressed his appreciation, saying, “I am thankful to Loepfe Brothers Ltd, our invaluable partner, whose unwavering support and collaboration have played a pivotal role in my achievements. I am truly grateful for the strong bond we have formed.”

    Mastering Challenges in the Textile Industry

    The Pakistan spinning mills operate in a challenging environment, facing climatic conditions and raw material challenges. However, their adaptability and commitment to excellence keep them competitive globally. To ensure yarn quality and efficiency, they have adopted YarnMaster® PRISMA, significantly enhancing their production processes.

    YarnMaster® PRISMA: A Quality Solution

    “YarnMaster® PRISMA is a game-changer for us,” shared a representative from the Pakistani spinning mills. “PRISMA handles contaminants with ease and securely detects missing and off-center cores, slub readers and much more, while providing a detailed overview of the yarn conditions.”

    prisma by loepfe

    “With PRISMA’s built-in intelligence, the winding process is set up for optimum performance,” they added. “It provides a balance between yarn quality and machine efficiency. It also assists new operators and prevents the production of insufficient yarn quality due to incorrect settings.”

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