Gul Ahmed Textile Mills invests in Bruckner Stenters for sustainable growth

    Zaheer Ahmed, Director Operations, Gul Ahmed Textile Mills

    Zaheer Ahmed heading the processing division of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills as Director Operations shared his views about the growth of Gul Ahmed Group. Gul Ahmed Textile Mills was established in 1953. It is a vertically integrated textile company with weaving, spinning, processing and printing, yarn dyeing, fiber bleach as well as knits and apparel divisions.

    According to Zaheer Ahmed, Director Operations at Gul Ahmed Textile Mills, the company has a strong belief in sustainable growth. Over the past seven decades, they have continuously invested in the latest technology to ensure their competitiveness and reliability as suppliers of high-quality textiles. Zaheer Ahmed emphasizes that investing in the best processing technology has been the key to their success.

    In recent years, Gul Ahmed has made significant advancements in processing capacity, increasing it from 10 million meters to 11 million meters, depending on the product mix. They have incorporated advanced machinery such as five rotary printing machines, eight digital printing machines, and a large setup for dyeing, including stenter dyeing, pad batch dyeing, thermosol dyeing, and pad steam dyeing.

    Zaheer Ahmed highlights the importance of sustainable growth and continuous improvement, which led them to invest in Bruckner stenters. Over the last six years, they have acquired six Bruckner stenters, known for their ability to process various fabric types and consistently achieve the highest production quality. These stenters are equipped with efficient moisture control and a state-of-the-art airflow duct system, ensuring consistent shrinkage and fabric quality. The burners in these stenters also contribute to cost-effectiveness and reduced energy consumption.

    To further enhance their dyeing capabilities, Gul Ahmed has added a Bruckner dyeing stenter with double IR. This stenter can produce a significant quantity of dyed fabrics per day, and the incorporation of a Thermex chamber enhances the fastness of light, medium, and dark shades.

    The reliability of Bruckner stenters is commendable, with minimal downtime or breakdowns, enabling Gul Ahmed to consistently deliver excellent quality production and meet diverse client requirements. The low energy costs associated with these stenters contribute to the company’s competitiveness.

    Apart from technological investments, Gul Ahmed also emphasizes the development of human resources and skill enhancement. Zaheer Ahmed himself is an example of this commitment, having joined the organization as a management trainee in 1990 and now serving as the Director of Operations.

    The company believes in enriching lives and inspiring change, with a focus on sustainability. “Think Green, Act Green” is not just a slogan for Gul Ahmed but a testament to their dedication as a sustainable and environmentally conscious company.

    In conclusion, Gul Ahmed Textile Mills has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable growth through investments in the latest technology, such as Bruckner stenters, and a strong emphasis on human resource development. Their focus on consistent quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction has been key to their success as a competitive player in the textile industry.

    Power-Colortherm Hotflue
    The BRÜCKNER hotflue is the heart of a continuous dyeing range and depending on the customers’ requirements it can be supplied with oil or gas heating. Due to the intelligent drive concept and a sophisticated air flow control an exact shade homogeneity is achieved across the length and the width of the fabric. Tailing and migrations are prevented and the dyeing results are 100% reproducible.

    Advantages & technical data

    • Best dye uniformity over the complete length and width.
    • No tailing.
    • No migration.
    • Crease-free production.
    • 100% reproducible dyeing results.
    • Minimum consumption of thermal and electrical energy.
    • Tailor-made solutions for a maximum productivity even with small quantities.
    • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance due to large doors.


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