Epson’s Monna Lisa series reduce environmental impact without compromising quality or productivity


The latest model ML-64000 at Sarena Textile Industries deliver high quality printing at exceptional speeds. 

Epson had begun shipping the latest models in its series of Monna Lisa digital textile printers. Equipped with 64 PrecisionCore printheads, the ML-64000 combines the best of Epson’s world-class inkjet printing and manufacturing technologies to deliver high quality printing at exceptional speeds to meet the needs of an increasingly competitive and dynamic textile market.

The textile market is now facing growing demands to reduce environmental impacts and improve work environments, and Epson is committed to leveraging its technologies to provide practical printing solutions that meet these needs. “The shift to digital printing and enhanced sustainability is gaining momentum worldwide,” said Kazuomi Okuzono, general manager, Seiko Epson Corporation. “Thanks to the new ML-64000, Epson will continue to contribute to improved sustainability in the textile industry without compromising on quality or productivity.”

The ML-64000 has been installed at Sarena Textile Industries, a leading textiles company in Lahore, Pakistan. “With increasing demand for digital textile printing, we needed a printer that could give us high productivity without compromising premium quality and reliability. Epson’s Monna Lisa was the choice for us and we are delighted that our ML-64000 has helped us deliver on our promise of consistently delivering quality products to customers quickly,” said Mr. Asif Masood, CEO, Sarena Textile Industries.

ML-64000 print speed 

The ML-64000 reaches a print speed of 740 square metres per hour (600×600 dpi – 2 pass), with 64 PrecisionCore printheads, without compromising on printing quality. The stable operation and unprecedented useability of the ML-64000 are realised due to advanced cleaning mechanisms and automated adjustment functions. The fluff blower system removes fluff from the fabric surface before it enters the printing area, and the ink mist extraction system helps reduce nozzle clogging problems.

In the event a nozzle does become clogged, Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT) detects missing dots and adjusts ink delivery to maintain image quality and reduce printing errors. With high-accuracy head alignment technology and automatic calibration by the built-in RGB camera, printhead replacement and calibration can be completed easily. In addition, the Epson Cloud Solution PORT reduces downtime and service calls by allowing quick responses to potential problems, and the operating status of all connected printers can be viewed from PCs or mobile devices, helping to maximise productivity.

Key points 

  • Printheads: 64 Epson PrecisionCore Printheads
  • Productivity: up to 740 m2/h (600×600 dpi; 2 pass)
  • Resolution: up to 1200 dpi.
  • Width: 180 cm
  • Ink types: Genesta Acid, Reactive, Disperse and Pigment.
  • Ink capacity: 10 litres.

Epson GENESTA inks are available in Acid, Reactive, Disperse, and Pigment formulations in a degassed vacuum-pack. They are ECO PASSPORT certified to meet globally recognised standards for environmentally conscious textile printing. In addition, the Acid ink is bluesign® approved, and the Reactive and Pigment inks are GOTS approved by ECOCERT.

Monna Lisa is at the heart of a high-tech Total Solution – a complete and integrated system that provides maximum assistance throughout the production cycle. There is a single supplier for all components.

More information regarding ML-64000 is available from Epson’s representative The Textile Engineers of Pakistan and for technical details regarding Epson Direct-To-Fabric printers, please visit


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