Cotton USA Future of Sustainable and Transparent Textile Supply Chain Seminar in Karachi


    An event was organised by Cotton Council International in Karachi. It was a trade-related event on the theme of “Cotton USA: Future of Sustainable and Transparent Textile Supply Chain Seminar” on 29th August 2022. A number of concered personals and related dignitaries attended the event. Among them the key personswere Ms. Nicole Theriot the Consul General of U.S. Consulate General Karachi and FAS Consular US Embassy Islamabad. The delegation members of the event were Mr. William Bettendorf, Mr. Carl Peltzer, Mr. Carlo Bocardo, Ms. Steph Thiers, Mr. Jeff Elder, Mr. Alton Charles, Mr. Brian Dewayne, Ms. Jicole Theroit and Mr. Lieven Verraest.

    The chief guest of the event, Ms. Nicole Theriot the Consul General of U.S. Consulate General Karachi.

    The event highlighted a number of pertinent issues related to textile industry, since it was attended by a large number of decision-makers and professionals from the textile industry. The discussions were made on issues related to global US cotton industries and updates on logistics between delegates from the US and the visitors to the event. Best practices in spinning, handling, and managing consistent quality, purchase strategy, and the technical benefits of using U.S. cotton, and the concerns related to sustainability in every domain of the process were the focus of this event.

    Different delegates were of the view that these informative sessions are the need of the hour, since the textile industry is considered the backbone of country’s’ economy. Mr. Mazhar Hussain Mirza, CCI Representative in Pakistan said, “I am overwhelmed with the response from the textile industry in Karachi.

    In the end, a question and answer session was also there in the event. All those questions were technically answered by the delegation, which was important for us. The main objective of conducting these technical seminars is to increase effectiveness and productivity in the textile industry.”


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