CHT Textile Dyes App – The Dyer’s Best Friend


    For more than ten years, the CHT Textile Dyes App has been a loyal companion in the textile industry. Numerous helpful features and information are now much easier to access thanks to the updated design and functionality. 

    The CHT Textile Dyes App gives you constant access to the entire CHT dye and pigment portfolio and related information to make dyeing easier and safer.

    The app also includes cutting-edge, free in-app calculation programs that assist users in producing their goods in a safer, more economical, and environmentally friendly manner by effectively saving vital resources like water, electricity, and time during the production stages.

    The CHT Textile Dyes App is the perfect companion for every dyer, printer, textile technician, operator, lab technician, salesperson, and any other stakeholder along the textile chain. Hence “THE DYER’S BEST FRIEND”.

    Discover the colorful world of textile dyeing and download the app today for free from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

    CHT Switzerland AG – the provider and owner of the CHT Textile Dye App – serves as the dyestuff competence center within the CHT Group – an industry leader that functions as a strategic, innovative, and sustainable partner of the textile industry.

    Source: CHT 



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