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VDMA announces two webinars in April on recycling and textile finishing technologies


VDMA, in collaboration with The Institute of Textile Technology Augsburg GmbH, has announced two seminars in April.
1- Design for Recycling – a major step on the road to sustainability
2- Digitalization in textile finishing – integration of energy and maintenance management

First webinar
The 1st webinar is on the 21st of April, 2021. In this webinar, the following key speakers will deliver their talk:

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schlichter

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schlichter has the thematic address on “Design for Recycling – using artificial intelligence for sustainable lightweight solutions.” Fiber-based composites are one of the most efficient ways to contribute to sustainable processes and products. Based on recycled composite waste, the lecture will describe. A particular focus on artificial intelligence’s role in reaching this goal is waiting for the audience.
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Jochen Schmidt, KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH,

Jochen Schmidt

will talk on “Sustainable products produced on KARL MAYER machines.” Karl Mayer will discuss the stable and cost-efficient production processes and recycling technologies for composites. Therefore efficient machinery for virgin and recycled fiber productions is needed to reach this goal.
The machines and technologies Karl Mayer offer to the customers are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, resource-efficient and, thus, sustainable solutions.
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Martin Würtele, KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH, will

Martin Würtele

discuss “Sustainable composite technologies made by Krauss Maffei Technologies.” Due to their high lightweight construction potential and the possibility of realizing complex components and structures in a single production step, fiber composites represent a highly interesting and future-oriented alternative to metallic lightweight construction materials. Therefore, fiber composites are a concrete answer to the current demands for resource-saving, energy-efficient, and thus sustainable lightweight construction solutions. As part of the lecture, technologies for thermoplastic fiber composite components will be presented under sustainability.
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Second webinar
The second webinar is on the 28th of April, 2021. In this webinar, the following keynote talks have been confirmed:

Axel Pieper

Axel Pieper, Bruckner, will deliver an important talk on “Digitalization, energy and maintenance management for dry finishing machines.” The lecture will show that innovative, digital aids can make an essential contribution to minimizing the CO2 footprint of a produced textile in today’s times. Bruckner is committed to the world as a whole with regard to the

environment and development for present and future generations and implements this through sustainable management, a reduction in resource consumption, and energy-efficient lines.
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Jurgen Jerzembeck

Jurgen Jerzembeck, Head of Marketing at Setex, will present

views on “Manufacturing Management System view on integrated energy and maintenance management in textile finishing.”

The theme of this talk will be to illustrate the potential of a central maintenance and energy hub with embedded formula wizard and digital twin functionality. 
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Ralf H. Stange, Sales Manager Thies GmbH & Co. will deliver

Ralf H. Stange

a talk on “Digitalization in textile finishing – integration of energy and maintenance management.” The talk will introduce the latest function groups to enable digitalization for exhaust dyeing machines.
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In the end, Nicolai Strauch of the VDMA Textile Machinery Association will take care of the Q&A session.

Get yourself registered for the said events as 1000 participants are free to participate. For more details and the free registration, click here  


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