U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol in Conversation with Gymshark at the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Conference


The Drapers Sustainable Fashion Conference 2024 was a must-attend event for those looking to create, discuss and celebrate positive change with thought leaders within the fashion and textile industries. The conference brought together representatives from global fashion brands, start-ups, UK government bodies, and NGOs to discuss sustainability in fashion and provided an excellent platform for ideation.

The Trust Protocol was honored to have a session at the event, which was titled ‘Finding data-driven solutions to drive sustainability in fashion.’ Tara Luckman, Stakeholder Engagement Manager (consultant) at the Trust Protocol, and Adam Dorontic, Director of Sustainability at Gymshark, discussed practical solutions and partnership opportunities that drive impactful sustainability strategies with Drapers editor Emma Finnamore.

During the session, they emphasized the importance of leveraging data to effectively engage stakeholders with comprehensive reporting, substantiate environmental claims, and build consumer trust. It’s not enough to collect data for “data’s sake” – instead, brands should use this information to drive meaningful change in supply chains. For example, Gymshark collected data on the number of women in management positions in the factories it uses and is actively using that data to work with suppliers on increasing this number.

Transparency throughout the supply chain is also crucial, as well as providing evidence that progress is being made, regardless of whether consumers are asking for it or not. As Tara pointed out, people are swimming around in data and don’t quite know what to do with it yet. Brands have a responsibility to continuously improve and make sustainability a priority.

Overall, the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Conference provided a valuable experience and offered excellent opportunities to discuss key issues within the industry. The Trust Protocol was proud to participate in the event again, engaging with others in sustainable practices and driving impactful sustainability strategies through data-driven solutions.

Source: U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol



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