Home Spinning Truetzschler Draw FrameTD 10 – Powerful performance in India; by S.K. Joshi.

Truetzschler Draw FrameTD 10 – Powerful performance in India; by S.K. Joshi.


Truetzschler started delivering the new Truetzschler Draw Frame TD 10 to customers in India at the beginning of 2020 – and the response has been incredibly positive.

Since the market launch of the Truetzschler TD 10 in India, it has won approval from customers across this important market. The new model demonstrates superior performance when compared to competitors’ machines because it offers a unique range of advanced features that make it easy for mill operators to use and maintain.

Its SMART CREEL, for example, features motion sensors that improve the machine’s running performance and make it possible to detect missing slivers very quickly. On top of this, the independent SERVO CREEL offers precise adjustments for creel tension. The T-LED feature provides unique visualizations that help to keep machines running efficiently while making it easier to monitor the operation.

Proven advantages for spinning mills across India
The draw frame is widely considered to be the quality center of a spinning mill – and our model TD 10 has proven its ability to further strengthen quality across a variety of different raw materials and processes. It has gained high levels of customer satisfaction because it empowers mill operators to achieve faster delivery speeds, lower sliver U% and CV%, more reliable running behavior, and more stable and consistent performance. It also requires a lower parts inventory because it uses major electronics parts that are common in blow room and cards.

Our site in India is now delivering the Truetzschler draw frame TD 10 to spinning mills across the country, and giving them a powerful competitive advantage by improving productivity and yarn quality.

Check out the data below for more detailed insights into how the Truetzschler TD 10 offers clear advantages.


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