Tonello: EGO, The Superior Ozone


    EGO, Ozone Changes Its Name
    EGO, acronym for Enhanced Garment Ozonation , affirms the absolute positioning of the new ozone finishing technology signed by Tonello, based on an innovative concept whose strong point is simplicity: of use and maintenance. EGO arrives at the culmination of a long research, experimentation and incremental improvements that allow us today to present on the market the new evolutionary stage of ozone treatments. In short, even with EGO the ozone revolution continues.

    EGO: to reduce consumption and increase efficiency and performance
    OFree, ECOfree, and ECOfree 2, for us at Tonello, represent the stages of technical growth which have, from time to time, changed the rules of the game, imposing ever newer benchmark standards by the force of quality. EGO continues in the same direction, and is set to become the new absolute benchmark.

    EGO reduces water consumption up to 80% compared to traditional bleaching methods. In addition, wastewater purification operations are simplified, thus lowering treatment costs. EGO is a strategic component in our All-in-One System, the heart of the Laundry (R)Evolution, and it faithfully reflects the Tonello philosophy, based on constant optimization and are sponsible view of garment washing and finishing processes.

    EGO technology, simply new
    EGO encompasses 3 technologies in a single system to ensure the maximum flexibility and the widest range of aesthetic solutions:

    1. Ozone dissolved in water (bath), to eliminate back staining, reduce water consumption, simplify purification operations
    2. Ozone in air, dry, or on wet garments, to create a variety of discoloration effects.
    3. OBleach, the patented process that achieves an authentic bleach effect without chemical additives, using ozone alone and combined with Core technology.

    EGO is mainly characterized by several important innovations:

    • Ozone technology is even simpler and easier to use and maintain
    • The ozone generation system even more efficient, thanks to the ability to work even simultaneously on several machines and acapacity of up to as much as 3000g/h
    • The new technology is the key ingredient in some of the most innovative finishing processes, such as OBleach

    In addition, since EGO is applied to Tonello washing machines, always allows garment neutralizing without losing time (in fact, all the processes take place with in the same machine) and without risk to the operator (in fact, the machine is sealed, in order to avoid any kind ofozone leakage, and is equipped with safety sensors).



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