Santoni Shanghai acquires Terrot, a leading German knitting machinery maker


    Santoni Shanghai Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd., a company owned by Italy’s Lonati family, has made a pivotal move in the circular knitting industry by announcing its strategic acquisition of Terrot GmbH, a leading circular knitting machine manufacturer based in Chemnitz, Germany. This acquisition is part of Santoni Shanghai’s long-term vision to reshape and consolidate the circular knitting industry through the development of a comprehensive ecosystem.

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    Santoni Shanghai acquires Terrot

    A Glimpse into the Circular Knitting Machine Market

    The global circular knitting machine market is on the cusp of significant growth. According to a July 2023 report from Consegic Business Intelligence, the market is projected to experience a robust 5.7% CAGR from 2023 to 2030. This growth is fueled by the increasing consumer preference for breathable and comfortable knitted fabrics, as well as the diversification of demand for knitted apparel. In response to this market opportunity, Santoni Shanghai has devised an ambitious strategic plan focusing on innovation, sustainability, and digitalization.

    Expanding Vision for a Sustainable future

    Santoni Shanghai’s strategic plan centers around innovation, sustainability, and digitalization, aiming to seize the market opportunity presented by the projected growth in the circular knitting machine market. The partnership with Terrot GmbH will enhance Santoni’s integrated ecosystem and promote sustainable development within the global knitting machinery industry.

    Terrot GmbH and Santoni Shanghai on the acquisition

    Gianpietro Belotti, CEO of Santoni Shanghai, shares insights on the acquisition and highlights the immediate benefits brought about by integrating Terrot, including the renowned Pilotelli brand, into their product portfolio. He emphasizes Terrot’s technical capabilities, extensive product range, and global customer service experience as key factors that will enhance their shared aspirations in the industry. The integration aligns with their vision of innovatively consolidating the entire knitting industry.

    Robert Czajkowski, Managing Director of Terrot GmbH, and Dirk Lange, Co-Managing Director of Terrot GmbH, express their shared vision and excitement for the partnership with Santoni Shanghai. They emphasize their dedication to providing high-quality ‘Made in Germany’ textile machinery and leveraging Santoni’s strategic investment to achieve their growth objectives.

    Synergizing Capabilities

    By consolidating capabilities in production, sourcing, innovative technologies, sustainability, software, and digitization, Santoni Shanghai and Terrot GmbH anticipate a future rich with joint projects and opportunities. Moreover, they envision unlocking exceptional value for textile manufacturing centers globally, thus significantly benefiting the textile and apparel industry on a global scale.

    Source: Santoni Shanghai



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