Leading Brands of Textile Technologies to Make their World Launch at ITM 2022


The world’s leading machine manufacturers are preparing to exhibit their newest machinery and innovations they have developed in the last 3 years at the ITM 2022 Exhibition, which will be held between 14-18 June 2022. 

International Textile Machinery Exhibition ITM 2022, one of the most important events that bring together the world’s textile technology leaders, will be held at Istanbul Tuyap Fair and Congress Center from 14-18 June 2022. Yarn Technologies manufacturers, which took their place in ITM 2022, the first international textile machinery exhibition to be held after a 3-year break, are also preparing to introduce their latest developed machines and renewed technologies, just like all the participants.

“The ITM Exhibition will Bring Together the Industry’s Best and Brightest” 

Rieter CEO Norbert Klapper pointed out that Turkey is one of the largest exporters of textiles globally, building on centuries of know-how in textile manufacturing said; “Thanks to smart investments, the country’s textile industry showed remarkable resilience throughout the pandemic and today is more important than ever. What is even more inspiring is that in keeping with its global leadership, Turkey is also exploring ways to improve the industry’s environmental footprint. The ITM exhibition will bring together the industry’s best and brightest and we look forward to a stunning display of the latest in yarn manufacturing technology that is both good for business and good for the planet.”

Norbert Klapper said the following about the innovations developed by Rieter that they will highlight at the ITM 2022: ” We have been delivering leading-edge technology to customers for decades so they can stay at the forefront of the industry and meet ever-more sophisticated demands from brands in Europe and around the globe.

In the face of the climate crisis, customers are increasingly turning to Rieter’s recycling system to help them close the loop. Rieter systems are ideally positioned to support these efforts, as they are roughly 20% more energy-efficient than lines made up of machines from different suppliers, thus lowering the carbon footprint.

With the Autoconer X6 now completing our portfolio in the ring and compact spinning, we can support our customers even more effectively in their journey to success.”

“ITM is an Excellent Platform to Meet Our Customers” 

“Considering the importance of the Turkish textile market, ITM is an excellent platform to meet our customers and influences the whole region.

There has been tremendous growth over the past two years in our spinning segment in Turkey, despite the pandemic,” Pia Terasa, Head of Marketing and Market Intelligence Saurer Spinning Solutions continued her words as follows:

“The Covid crisis has intensified discussion about on- and near-shoring.

The close proximity to Europe offers Turkey an excellent chance to increase its share of the European textile and apparel market. “

Pia Terasa gave the following information about the innovations and developments they will introduce at the ITM 2022: “For the Autocoro 10 rotor spinning machine, we will be introducing innovations that will profit both flexible recycling mills and high productivity mills. Our developments in both rotor and ring spinning are focusing on optimising productivity, saving resources and increasing machine intelligence in textile mills.

Here our Senses mill management system plays an essential role as well. The Saurer pre-spinning portfolio has also seen two very successful years in Turkey. Visitors to ITM will also be able to learn more about the Autocad and our successful reference installations. Our team will also highlight future-proof options for automation solutions in spinning mills and our components division will have product news to announce at ITM 2022.”

ITM 2022 Exhibition will provide a powerful boost to the Textile Industry: SAVIO 

Noting that exhibitions have not been held in the last two years due to the effect of the global Covid-19 pandemic, Savio CEO Mauro Moro expressed his views on the ITM 2022 as follows: “It’s very important to be back to physical events and meet in person our customers again, physical connection with buyers is very important for bounding partnership.

We expect that the ITM 2022 exhibition will further enhance the confidence and give a timely and powerful boost to Turkey’s textile industry.”

Expressing that they are excited to attend the ITM 2022 Exhibition, Moro said; “Savio will be exhibiting in Istanbul solutions-oriented portfolio to maximize machinery return on investment, both for machinery and for technical service.

Savio offers numerous machinery solutions to support the quality of the final yarn product: winding, winding for continuous shrinkage, bulking and heat setting, TFO twisting.”

Truetzschler to introduce New Combing TCO 21 

Saying “Turkey has always been one of the most important textile markets for us.”, Head of Global Marketing of Trützschler Group Dr Bettina Temath said the following about the Turkish market and the ITM 2022: “Despite the pandemic, we observed an outstanding demand for our latest spinning preparation machinery solutions in Turkey in 2021.

This is why we are very delighted to finally meet new and existing customers and partners at the ITM face-to-face again and discuss the latest innovations of the industry with them.” Stating that they will introduce their new state-of-the-art combing machine TCO 21 at the ITM 2022 Temath said; “Further, visitors can expect useful insights into our successfully launched pre-cleaner CL-X and our intelligent card TC 19i.

Both innovations contribute to a more energy-efficient spinning mill, especially through advanced air technology. Our goal is to support Turkish yarn producers on their way to find cost-effective solutions for manufacturing high-quality, sustainable end products.”

Marzoli to present new technologies for Spinning

Marzoli Marketing Department Officer Ilaria Scalvini emphasized that ITM 2022 will be Europe’s first international exhibition after a long break and said: “We are very happy to be able to return presence. It will be the occasion to meet our customers and compare with industry professionals, showing Marzoli high-value solutions.”

Saying that for Marzoli the Turkish market is one of the most important and has always been a reliable partner,” Scalvini continued her words as follows: “This is why during ITM we will present special solutions dedicated to this market needs.

Moreover, we will present the new technologies for the spinning process developed during these years, with a special focus on the potential of Industry 4.0 for the remote maintenance plant management.”


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