Gadoon Textile Mills


    Pakistani cotton poses a processing challenge for many spinning mills. One of the reasons for this is an increased occurrence of foreign fibers, especially polypropylene (PP) defects. This reduces either the quality of the yarn produced by the processing spinning mill or the machine efficiency. Both have a negative impact on the spinning mill’s profit.


    Consistently high quality even with difficult raw material

    Gadoon Textile Mills, a pioneer in Pakistan’s textile industry, has harnessed cutting-edge technology to produce superior quality yarns using the nation’s own cotton resources. Despite the growing presence of foreign fibers and PP defects in Pakistani cotton, Gadoon consistently delivers the required yarn quality without compromising their machinery’s performance. With cotton prices on the rise, the company has leveraged the relatively lower cost of Pakistani cotton to its advantage, boosting profit margins by optimizing local resources. The adoption of Loepfe’s advanced quality control sensors, namely the YarnMaster ZENIT+ and PRISMA with specialized PP-sensor, has been pivotal in Gadoon’s operational triumph.

    This sensor exhibits exceptional accuracy in detecting PP defects by mastering the triboelectric effect, ensuring only the most precise and necessary removal of contaminants. Even with an increased cutting rate implemented to preserve the desired yarn quality, the Loepfe sensors compensate effectively with an innovative organic matter filtering system. This strategic approach guarantees top-notch yarn output while maintaining consistent efficiency on their winding machines.

    “The adoption of Loepfe’s advanced quality control sensors, namely the YarnMaster ZENIT+ and PRISMA with specialized PP-sensor, has been pivotal in Gadoon’s operational triumph.” Mr. Tahir Saleem, Executive Director.


    Continuous software updates ensure competitiveness

    Regular software updates further contribute to continuous improvements, including reduced yarn waste and overall production efficiency. The unique features of Loepfe’s technology, such as RGB technology, clever organic filtering, color mapping, automatic removal of off-standard bobbins, and smart threshold-based alarm functions, have played a crucial role in Gadoon’s success. The implementation has not only addressed existing challenges but also positioned Gadoon Textile Mills as a leader in the textile industry, delivering high-quality yarn and meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

    About Gadoon Textile Mills

    Gadoon Textile Mills, part of the YB Group, is a leading yarn manufacturer and exporter in Pakistan and is relying on Loepfe’s yarn monitoring system YarnMaster PRISMA. The company operates as an integrated spinner, managing both spinning facilities and setups for knitted and woven fabrics, including dyeing and fashioned knitwear. Catering to the B2B market for fashion knitwear and home textile manufacturers, Gadoon produces a wide range of yarns, from Ne 10 to Ne 60, with the primary counts falling between Ne 20 to Ne 40. Utilizing ring compact and open-end technologies for yarn manufacturing, the company employs both natural fibers like cotton and manmade fibers such as polyester and viscose.



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