Fadis was the first company in the world to introduce the air covering technology in 1987. Today, 30 years later, its Sincro Multipla Airjet model is considered the benchmark on the market.

The “Queen” version has been completely renovated. This Sincro Multipla Airjet model foresees the application of an electronic motorised unwinding device necessary to unwind an elastomeric yarn with a perfect and regular draw ratio and to intermingle it through air with a textured yarn.

The air covering process consists in covering an elastomeric yarn with other continuous textured yarns. This process takes place through an air flow controlled by a special jet which opens the fibre of the covering yarn and closes it around the core (elastane).

As one can well imagine, this is a very delicate process where both the feed tension and the quantity of yarn entering the jet must be perfectly controlled so as to guarantee a homogeneous result of the intermingling pointsnumbers and of their strength.

To solve this problem, Fadis, once again first in the world, has developed a technology, that allows to install and integrate up to 4 electronic “Tens Control™” on-line tension devices on each spindle.

This device allows to set and constantly adjust on-line the tension of each ply entering the intermingling process, thus avoiding the continual interventions of the operator to manually adjust the tension of each feed ply and to solve nowadays problems of irregular tension during feed bobbins unwinding.

This version with its high level of technology will satisfy the most sophisticated production requirements and guarantee the formation of packages with perfectly stabilized yarn.

But demand for new yarns types with elastic contents is on the continuous rise and Fadis, one more time, is there to accompany these new tendencies with the introduction in 2016 of the revolutionary SINCRO MULTIPLA AIRJET DUAL CORE which is the evolution of the Sincro Multipla Air Jet.

This is a unique machine that allows to produce elastic air intermingled yarns both for direct weft end use on weaving machines or for ring spinning end use for core spun or dual core or tri DCore yarns combinations. Other end uses are also hosiery and circular knitting.

Thanks to its configuration and to a very efficient use of the space, it is now possible to double the output when using the machine with take up, up to 115 mm.

In fact, instead of winding one bobbin up to 115 mm on each spindle, it is now possible to wind simultaneously, two bobbins up to 115 mm on each position.

This is obtained thanks to the famous Fadis’ “open platform system/ concept” so that, at the same time the machine can be used to produce on each spindle either one bobbin wound on a 1O” tube single bobbin or 2 bobbins x 115 mm.

The conversion from 1 take up per spindle to two take up per spindle can also take place on existing machine.

All this is obtained without compromising on the features of the machine that are the same as the Sincro Multipla air jet, that made it so popular.

It will also guarantee repeatable results so essential in now days lean  production methods/ systems


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