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A new metal detector with even higher accuracy
Erhardt+Leimer at ITMA Asia

At last – having been rescheduled from 2020, the 7th edition of the combined ITMA ASIA and CITMA exhibition will take place from 12 – 16 June 2021.  Some 1,650 exhibitors will be at the venue in Shanghai, among them Erhardt+Leimer with several products from their broad portfolio for automation and quality assurance in the textile industry.

One of the products showcased by E+L is the new ELMETA MDA1005 / MDA1006 metal detector with increased accuracy: It reliably detects even very small metal particles across the entire width of the web. Signal LEDs on the sensor indicate the position of the metal particle in the web. The integrated segment-wise evaluation as well as the gain setting and a reset button ensure straightforward commissioning. The device detects metal particles at production speeds from 2 to 500 m/min (depending on the size and material of the particles). The special scanning surface and the aluminum housing prevent damp webs or electromagnetic interference affecting the detection result. The device can be used for dry and damp textiles and for non-woven fabrics. It can be installed in any orientation in any production machine. The only requirement is that there must not be any moving parts, e.g. rollers, installed within an area of 500 mm.

The new metal detector ELMETA MDA1005.

By detecting even very small metal particles, the MDA1005/1006 can prevent extremely costly damage that may occur on the downstream calender rollers and shearing tools. Furthermore, the risk of catalytic reactions in wet finishing is minimized.

Apart from the metal detector, Erhardt+Leimer will exhibit the ELCUT cutting systems, the ELSMART web guiding and spreading system, the ELSTRAIGHT weft straightening system, the ELFEED tenter guider, ELTENS equipment for web tension measurement and control and the camera-based ELCOUNT pick and course counter.


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