Textile Briefs National

1.  The textile industry in Pakistan imported 624,945 tonnes of raw cotton between July to March against 338,244 tonnes last year an increase of 84.76 percent. The import of synthetic fibre grew by 52.29 percent to 346,254 tonnes  as against 227,365 tonnes last year. The import of synthetic and artificial silk yarn stood at 316,656 metric tons this year vs 210,810 metric tons last years an increase of 50.21pc.

2.  Pakistan has decided to import cotton from the Central Asian states through the Torkham border. The Ministry of Commerce has sought the ECC’s approval to import cotton from Afghanistan and Central Asian states, including Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The Economic Coordination Committee will take up the MoC’s summary on cotton import.

3.  Pakistan’s exports of textile and clothing posted a growth of 30.4 per cent from a year ago. The export value of these sectors edged up to $1.355 billion in March from $1.039 bn over the corresponding month of last year. Growth in exports of value-added sectors contributed to an increase in overall exports from the sectors.

4.  The cotton yield fell to nine maund per acre during the season ended with just 5.5 million bales, almost one third of the production we achieved with 14.8 m bales a few years ago. The Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) strongly opposed cotton imports from India, maintaining that the move would discourage local growers from sowing this cash crop.

5.  National Food Security and Research Minister Syed Fakhar Imam said that cotton growers would soon be given special incentives by the federal and provincial governments in the form of cotton-specific subsidies.  He said that Punjab Seed Council has introduced 17 new varieties, including a double-gene variety, whereas Sindh has introduced three new varieties.

6.  The fortnightly report of the Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association shows that 72,000 bales of cotton were sold to exporters. During the past three months, cotton yarn 30/1 prices have been increased by 15%. In the last six months, the dollar has also depreciated against the Pak rupee by 5.58% down from Rs 166.5 to Rs 157.2. Exporters previously had negotiated and finalized their export orders at a dollar rate of Rs 166.5.

7.  The garment industry wants early approval of textile policy 2020-25 by ECC as it is vital for new investment and marketing plan in this major export-oriented sector.


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