Textile Briefs International

1.  During the July-January period of the current fiscal year 2020-21, Bangladesh earned US$ 639 million, up by 44.34% compared to US$ 443 million in the same period of last fiscal year. In the FY20, the sector brought US$ 759 million home. On the other hand, exports earnings from the RMG sector fell 3.44% to US$ 18.40 billion during July-January of the FY21, which was US$ 19 billion in the same period of last year.

2.  Chinas textile machinery sector growth slows down as pandemic continues. China is still facing pressures due to the pandemic and demand for textile machinery is still low. From January to September 2020, the total cost of textile machinery enterprises above the designated size was down 15.7% to 43.77 billion yuan compared to the same period last year.

3.  Finland is leading the revolution towards sustainable materials and business models in the global textile business. Responding to the growing issues of textile waste, new textile recycling regulations will come into force in the EU in 2025. However, Finland aims to start the process already by 2023.

4.  The United States of America imported home textile products from Bangladesh worth US$ 156 million, the highest, followed by Germany US$ 8.5 million, India US$ 60 million, United Kingdom US$ 58 million and Canada US $48 million.

5.  The CAI Crop Committee from India has estimated the total cotton supply till the end of the CY 2020-21 at 49.7 million bales of 170 kg each. The domestic consumption is now estimated at 33 million bales of 170 kg each which is at the same level as estimated previously.

6.  India's cotton textile industry is experiencing a boom after more than a decade. The price per kilogram (kg) of woven cotton yarn increased from Rs 193.81 in August last year to Rs 267 in January this year showing a 37.7%rise.

7.  Turkey’s technical textile exports increases by 76% to US$ 3 billion in 2020, whereas the medical textile export rises US$ 1.40 billion in 2020, said Aegean Exporters Association (EIB) of the country.

8.  Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the British government has announced GBP 830 million boost to high streets fashion brands to help them recover from the pandemic.

9.  Vietnam’s textile and garment industry are eyeing US$39 billion export revenue in 2021. The country’s textile and garment exports were worth US$ 35 billion in 2020. Despite the pandemic and given global demand drop, the 22% export growth was extraordinary.


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