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Modern compressed air systems for spinning mills in Pakistan
Imtiaz Rastgar, Chairman, Rastgar Group.

Compressed Air System, generally, consumes up to 35% of any industry’s electricity bill. The modernization of the compressed air system in spinning mills will pay for itself by eliminating potential wastage at the plant, thereby converting savings into profit.

Rastgar Air Compressors prepares solutions with the strategic goal of delivering a state-of-art compressed air system, incorporating the latest advances in compressed air production, distribution, management and cost apportionment, pleasing optics, environment friendly and also contributing to carbon credits for your company.

This table presents avoidable compressed air losses in spinning mills in Pakistan, which can easily be avoided by proper selection, designing and installations of compressed air equipment.

Modernizing existing compressed air system of spinning mills

Rastgar Air Compressors recommends that instead of piece-meal improvements, a project to revamp the entire system will be more advisable and an assured route to sustainable good compressed air practices while stemming the losses being incurred currently.

Modern compressed air system for new spinning mills

With the availability and combination of products, technologies and techniques together with our experience of 40 years in compressed air production and distribution, Rastgar will ensure the most optimum and economic compressed air with the right compressed air quality, pressure and flow at the point of use.

Fixed and variable speed, best compressed air solution for spinning mills

In Pakistan, a combination of fixed and variable speed drive Air Compressor will yield maximum benefits in terms of productivity, energy and costs savings for various stages of spinning (From Ring to Auto Cone Section, Back Process and Doubling Section).

The Variable Speed compressor can efficiently handle the varying air demands by varying motor speed according to the plant’s air requirement, thereby cutting down off-load hours running cost to almost negligible.

Rastgar can execute projects of identifying various types of inefficiencies in theexisting compressed air system of spinning mills. The company offer proposed remedies to make the mill efficient or install new project for the compressed air systems.

The result will be the overall efficiency of the compressed air system and there will be no losses on account of leakages, negligible off-load running hours, fewer breakdowns which result in a sustainable increase in production and profitability. Learn more about us at


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