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ROTORCRAFT offers NGD Next Generation Drafting

ROTORCRAFT is one of the leading providers of innovative, high quality spinning components.

In today's environment, this means ROTORCRAFT's main focus of all our products is on three issues:

  • Power saving in a world power becomes more and more expensive and scarce.
  • Simplicity of operation in an industry dealing with staff shortage and high labour cost.
  • Seamless service to optimise and safeguard of our customers' operations.

Next Generation Drafting GC-P is the premium compact drafting solution for most model and make ring spinning frames available for ring frames with short- or long bottom aprons.

NGS - Next Generation spinning - bottom aprons can be replaced individually while the frame is running. In this context, the spindle beam and drive move - all other components remain stationery. The central low-pressure channel is fitted between the working elements of the frame.

NGS - Next Generation Spinning.

  • Lift and yarn tension are constant at any time during build-up of the cop.
  • Ring frames > 2'00 spindles are possible.
  • No additional drive for the bottom rollers is needed at half-length of the frame.
  • Both sides of the frame operate independently - like two seperate frames.
  • The central low-pressure channel is suitable for both broken ends and compacting.


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