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Jakob Müller AG : Best in class in narrow fabrics weaving

Jakob Müller AG shows great ambition and success in developing outstanding systems and solutions. Belts, tapes, laces, cords, ribbons, labels and so much more, covering applications from apparel to industry and from underwear to automotive, behind its smart, safe and creative functions usually stands a machine made by Jakob Müller AG. Nothing is too narrow for the Swiss company to introduce innovation.

The core competence of Jakob Müller AG (Müller) lies in systems and solutions for ribbons and narrow fabrics: Müller researches, develops, plans and produces top technology. With its product range, the company covers every requirement of the ribbon and narrow fabrics industry from yarn warping to the finished product, from crochet knitting to woven labels, and from individual machines to complete system solutions.

World records in softness and speed

Using a high degree of innovative capacity and the latest technologies, Müller develops its products in line with current or future customer needs. An excellent example is MÜGRIP® MBJ8 MDW®, technology designed for VELVEDGE® – the softest label edge ever. The MDW® technology combines traditional weaving with a new and highly flexible weft laying device, and VELVEDGE® guarantees best slitting quality for smoothest edges.

The multidirectional weaving MDW® is ideal for processing sustainable materials and perfect for the production of functional, intelligent textiles such as community masks, SMART textiles like textile bus systems, luminous textiles, heating/cooling textiles, conductive textiles for battery systems etc. as well as fashionable textiles from decorative ribbons and gift tapes to club-/fan scarfs. And the good news is that MDW® can be retrofitted to existing MBJ8 label production systems.

Müller’s NG3 series are the world’s fastest narrow fabric needle looms. This series represents a technical and technological development quantum leap. The heald frame drives and movement, as well as the shafts and healds are designed for high speeds, and for medium-weight articles now offer a maximum of 2,750 rpm (using the S5 weaving system). The excellent machine efficiency goes with extremely reliable and reproducible narrow fabric quality with selvedges of a very high standard, an intuitive operation and control system, outstanding machine and operator safety as well as a minimum maintenance requirement.

Müller innovations and wealth creation drive narrow weavers’ business to achieve a competitive advantage and to secure their position in the market.

Fit to satisfy – everywhere

Müller manufactures components and modules that determine the performance of its own machinery. 132 years of experience are the solid foundation on which Müller builds its innovative products made in high quality.

The Swiss company makes a lasting contribution to the training of skilled personnel and takes strong efforts that all activities are characterized by the employment of eco-friendly processes and the economic use of raw materials.

Müller is globally represented at 12 locations and active in 82 markets. The subsidiaries and a tight net of experienced agents take care of customers and prospects.


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