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Benninger Machines and systems for textile finishing solutions

The Swiss company Benninger develops and produces machines and systems for textile finishing and tire cord production and has many years of experience in the automation of these machines. The machines and systems are an important link in the textile value chain and run as complete system solutions.

In 2019 Benninger had its 160 years anniversary. This anniversary stands primarily for 160 years of commitment to textiles, but also for responsibility towards sustainable textile production. Typical consumer products such as clothing, home textiles, bed linen and car tires are very often produced with Benninger technology. Benninger machines and systems are also used whenever textiles have to satisfy the highest technical demands, such as those required for airbags, medical textiles or sails.

Benninger offers complete solutions for all major textile finishing processes, with a special expertise in the field of continuous open width processing of woven, knitted and technical textiles with minimum resource consumption. The product range covers the whole textile finishing processes – from Bleaching to Washing, Mercerizing and Dyeing.

Expanded product portfolio in growing markets

In January 2020 Benninger took over LAB-PRO GmbH, a Swiss company, that succeeded in building up a complete range of world-leading technological products for discontinuous wet finishing. Thus the Benninger portfolio has been extended by technologically advanced discontinuous dyeing machines such as Jet and Jigger dyeing machines as well as Beam dyeing and laboratory dyeing apparatus. Fully automatic chemical, salt, soda or dye dosing systems, which ensure the highest accuracy and reproducibility, complete the portfolio. By combining the know-how and experience of both companies, Benninger is one of the leading system suppliers in the field of continuous and now also discontinuous dyeing and finishing technology.

The product range is constantly optimized and extended, and we draw on our tremendous innovative strength, comprehensive technical and process expertise as well as knowledge gained from a large number of projects. New findings are always incorporated into the development of solutions, always with the aim of boosting the success of our customers.

Textile Finishing Process solutions offered by Benninger are extremely innovative and provide customers with significant competitive advantages such as increased productivity and optimized quality, lowest water and energy consumption and highest reproducibility.

Benninger FabricMaster.

Smart technology incorporated

All Benninger plants are equipped with our innovative automation solutions. True to the principle "trust is good, control is better", the important operating parameters of the Benninger systems are continuously monitored in a closed control circuit. Particularly quality-critical parameters are forwarded to those responsible by means of modern IoT technologies and an alarm is sounded in the event of limit value violations.

A newly revised maintenance manager provides information about the maintenance status of the system at any time and generates a recommendation as well as a schedule for the next mainte-nance cycle. The well established management information system BEN-iDATA allows the customer to query all important machine data, the maintenance status and the ecological footprint of the current production batch at any time and from any place.

Last but not least the newly-developed online measurement of the degree of contamination of the washing water helps our customers with the optimisation of water consumption.

Benninger is renowned by its comprehensive process knowledge both in application consulting and project planning as well as its close relationship with the customers in the entire life cycle of installed plants. Our clients are looking for solutions and not products! High quality delivery, throughout process knowledge, the history of Benninger and number of years of experience and flexibility makes us the most reliable solution provider of the textile industry resulting in premier quality clothing and textiles as an end product when we say to the world “You can feel it’s Benninger!”


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