Textile firms export health products to recoup losses

Pakistan’s textile sector has devised a strategy to boost diminishing exports, damaged by the lethal Covid-19 pandemic, by exporting health-related products such as protective gowns, scrubs and masks.

In June 2020, textile exports are expected to surpass US$ 1-billion mark, said the management of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited.

Business suspension during lockdown coupled with loss of export orders caused a financial dent of Rs 8 billion while contribution margins fell Rs 1.6 billion, the management said.

However, July was promising for the textile industry owing to a large number of orders related to the health segment such as protective gowns, scrubs and masks, which have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The home textile segment was another section where the company was confident of getting export orders and it was expected to grow because demand had increased significantly as people spent more time at home, said Akram.

Looking at the situation, many businesses in the textile export sector diversified by introducing health-related merchandise, said Pakistan Cloth Merchants Association Secretary General Arif Ismail.

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