Textile Briefs International

1.  India is expected to produce 4.20 million bales of cotton during the 2019-20 crop year. The domestic consumption is 2.20 million bales (They also import cotton) and 1.00 million bales have already been exported while 0.70 million bales are already booked.

2.  Bangladeshi garment accessories and packaging manufacturers fear losses of Tk15 billion if Coronavirus prolongs for six months as it would create a shortage of raw materials for the sector hindering the production.

3.  Myanmar’s apparel sector is taking environment friendly initiatives. Till now, only one garment manufacturer in the nation has been certified Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design platinum. Two other facilities, both operated by garment manufacturer Guston Amava, comprise of 34% recycled building materials.

4.  Hong Kong’s textile industry is manufacturing its first batch of up to 3,000 handmade reusable fabric masks and hopes to distribute them among members of the city’s vulnerable groups amid the coronavirus outbreak.

5.  Turkey's textile and garment industry currently employs around 1.67 million people, said Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan. He said industry had recently witnessed a boost due to global production shifts to the country from China following the Coronavirus outbreak. Turkey exported apparel worth US$ 17.7 billion last year.

6.  Bangladesh Garments Accessories and Packaging Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGAPMEA) President Abdul Kader Khan said China is our largest trading partner and the outbreak of the Coronavirus to cast a negative impact on global economic growth.

7.  About 50% of raw materials are sourced from China, the sector people urged the government to search for an alternative source to avert the shortage and production cut.

8.  According to the International Jute Study Group, the annual demand for jute shopping bags in the world market is about 500 billion pieces. On the other hand, according to the estimation of Business Wire in 2022, the Home Gardening and Vertical Gardening market will be US$ 1.33 trillion.

9.  Bangladesh is the second largest of readymade garment (RMG) manufacturer after China and the latest exported value of Bangladesh RMG is US$ 19.06 billion from July-Jan FY19-20 more than 84% of total overseas sales.

10.  With removal of the anti-dumping duty in India, the raw material for production of MMF (man-made fibre) will be available at international price. At present, cotton yarn production in India is higher than synthetic yarn and several mills will move to MMF now.


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